Safe Solutions for Bag Dumping in the Food Industry

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Dumping bags of ingredients within a food facility requires the highest level of sanitation and quality as well as a secure yet delicate, touch. TAWI’s stainless steel vacuum lifters are perfectly suited for these demanding environments.

Are you dumping bags and emptying food ingredients into a hopper?

Are your employees manually performing this task?

Do you have a high rate of injury within your facility?

Does the task of dumping bags tend to slowdown your workflow?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then it’s time your business incorporates an ergonomic lifting solution into your workflow. What are the benefits to an ergonomic bag lifter? Well, a vacuum bag lifter can:

  • Grip bags of all types of materials, safely and effortlessly
  • Reduce the number of employees needed for handling bags
  • Increase flexibility among the work force by allowing anyone to handle heavy bags, no matter their size or strength
  • Handle bags weighing up to 600 lbs/270 kg, allowing 1 person to handle heavy loads, effortlessly
  • Be built in stainless steel to meet your sanitary requirements
  • Reduce injuries and therefore reduce sick leave and costs

Show here is a TAWI customer, Bakels. As a manufacturer of bakery ingredients, Bakels mixes raw produce according to recipes by emptying bags with ingredients into mixing tanks. Since investing in TAWI vacuum lifters to help employees lift and empty heavy bags, they have been able to keep a consistent production flow. With TAWI vacuum lifters, the employees can handle several pallets of heavy bags without straining their bodies or losing speed. In addition, now anyone can handle heavy bags, no matter their size or strength.

When it comes to handling bags of food ingredients, the bottom line is trust. The trust consumers have that the things they eat are safe. The trust that food companies have in the sub-suppliers that process or produce these products, to ensure that no unwelcome or harmful substances make their way into the food or beverages. Handling food and food products requires the highest level of sanitation and quality as well as a secure, yet delicate, touch. TAWI has a long history of supplying lifting solutions to the food and beverage industry and a deep understanding of how companies in this segment work – and what they need to work more efficiently and more productively. That is why all of our lifts are available in Stainless Steel.

Are you on the move? No problem! The TAWI Mobile Order Picker is a fully mobile vacuum lifter that is compatible with any forklift and the ideal solution when order picking. Simply pick the bags you need for dumping, lift and drive the bags to the mixer. This unit is compatible with any forklift or pallet jack and can lift bags weighing up to 175 lbs/80 kg.

Have questions? Join us on October 8th for a Food & Beverage Webinar and learn more about our safe lifting solutions for handling bags of food ingredients. There will be a Q&A to follow, so don’t hesitate, register here today!

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