Piab 70 Years: Celebrating the Evolution of Automation

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Piab’s journey started in 1951 with a strong fascination for the mathematical constant pi (≈3.14). Founder Sven Tell’s mathematical interest prompted the development of his unique drawing compass. His fascination with pi also inspired the company name where Pi is the mathematical constant and AB is the Swedish abbreviation for Incorporated. Since 2020, TAWI is a brand by Piab Group.

Since the development of the drawing compass in 1951, Piab has put countless new innovations on the market, always striving to improve for the better.

In 1968, Piab launched their very first vacuum product, the Pneucette, a small suction device used for handling small items. This would be the start of a long line of vacuum technology solutions. Almost 50 years later, Piab acquired the Swedish company Vaculex – a manufacturer of lifting equipment based on vacuum technology.

In 2020, Piab also acquired TAWI, a leading manufacturer of lifting solutions. Together with Vaculex, TAWI today forms a strong Piab Ergonomic Handling division focused on smart lifting solutions, put to market under the TAWI brand.

Evolving automation

Celebrating 70 years of AutomationThis is why we exist. At Piab we strive to evolve everything. Each other, our customers and, ultimately, the automated world around us. Here at Piab Ergonomic Handling, we develop the very first step of automation. Enabling the move from completely manual handling to smart handling solutions where human and machine work together to grip, lift and move in a safe and efficient way.

This year, as we celebrate 70 years of developing progressive solutions for gripping, lifting, and moving, we will share some amazing automation stories that have changed us, and truly put a mark on the world. Follow TAWI for continuous updates and check out the new Piab website if you want to learn more. Let’s evolve together!

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