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How can you achieve time-efficient order picking without compromising quality or worker health and safety? Efficient warehouse logistics are key for successful order fulfilment. Keep reading to understand how to pick orders in a time- and cost-efficient way, securing your personnel’s health and social distancing.

Productive warehouse logistics

While other operations in a warehouse can be automated, order picking largely remains manual. You will probably find that at least 50% of labour costs in your warehouse are related to order picking – a great potential for cost savings. Order picking tools that enable one person to pick orders fast and efficient will not only half the number of man hours needed; they will also help ensure safe social distancing in your warehouse.

team lift of heavy box

Easy Reach is a unique tool that enables lifting inside a pallet rack without physical effort. The tool saves the operator from lifting in uncomfortable positions which will effectively prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and create a safe and ergonomic work environment where everyone can lift.

Are your order pickers slowing down the order fulfilment process? An investment in order picking tools will help speed up the process – ensuring more satisfied customers, happier employees as well as a safe and ergonomic work environment for warehouse workers.

Solutions for successful warehouse order fulfilment

TAWI Mobile Order Picker is a mobile vacuum lift unit compatible with any LLOP. The order picker allows you to move quickly from pallet rack to pallet rack, picking goods onto pallet with minimal physical effort. Using our mobile order picker with the Easy Reach tool, the operator can easily reach into pallet racks, picking goods from the back end of a pallet without moving a muscle. The order picker is easily adjusted in height to match the height of your pallet racks. A simple push of a button will raise or lower the lift tower, allowing the lifter to reach into your racks.

This mobile vacuum lifter enables one person to do what has often been a two-man job. Anyone can now lift heavy goods and place them on pallet in a safe and ergonomic way. There is no need to be big or strong. And when one person can do the lifting on their own you can always easily maintain a safe social distance.

Safe and ergonomic order picking

Easy Reach is a unique tool that enables lifting inside a pallet rack or other cramped space without physical effort. The Easy Reach tool saves the operator from lifting in uncomfortable positions which will effectively prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and create a safe and ergonomic work environment where everyone can lift. No need for 2 people to lift together.

The Easy Reach solution also means that you can store all goods inside pallet racks. No need to keep big or ungainly goods outside racks in order to reach them. The tool extends all the way into the pallet rack where it easily grips and lifts the load using vacuum technology. The load can be rotated 360° before it is placed on the pallet, facilitating efficient utilization of the pallet space. The tool can be equipped with various suction feet depending on the size and shape of the load. Boxes, sacks, kegs or components – no matter what you need to lift the tool will provide the lifting power you need.

Thanks to the weight distribution of the Easy Reach tool, the operator can stand comfortably in the aisle while lifting a box from the back end of a pallet in the rack. No need to bend to reach into the rack. No more lifting when bent over. No risk of injury or unnecessary strain on the worker.

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