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Optimize your workflow with mobile material handling equipment

Move quickly
with mobile material handling  equipment

By attaching a vacuum lifter to any type of forklift or truck, TAWI gives you the freedom to lift effortlessly, wherever you are. This innovative mobile lifter enables you to easily move the lifter with you, wherever you go. Our mobile equipment helps ensure a safe and ergonomic work environment, and adding mobility ensures an efficient workflow throughout your warehouse.

Warehouse lifting equipment is ideal for any type of warehouse where efficient lifting and transportation of goods is a necessity. The vacuum lifter allows you to pick any type of goods from shelves or pallet racks, place them on another pallet, and move on. Wherever you move your truck or pallet jack, the vacuum lifter goes too. Stop the truck, start the vacuum pump with the push of a button, and you’re ready to start lifting.

Increase productivity
of your material handling

Material handling equipment using mobile vacuum technology allows you to handle pretty much any type of goods with minimal effort. A vacuum lifter safely grips and holds everything from cardboard boxes and plastic bags to doors or tires. Suction feet carefully grip the load without leaving marks, and holds the load safely thanks to its air-tight design. TAWI offers a wide selection of lifting equipment, including several vacuum lifter models for this mobile unit. The lifter can handle most types of loads weighing up to 175 pounds. A wide selection of standard tools, complemented by customized suction feet for uncommon loads, allows you to lift anything you need.

Lifting boxes onto pallet with mobiel vacuum lifter

Simply lift, and go!

This new mobile material handling was designed primarily to facilitate warehouse lifting, but can improve efficiency in other environments as well. Whenever there is a need to pick goods, to move quickly between pallet racks, or to lift from shelves, that’s when warehouse lifting equipment will save time, effort and money in your business.

The vacuum pump starts with the push of a button, and that’s all that is needed to start lifting. When the vacuum pump starts, the articulating arm is automatically released, and support legs are then lowered to ensure stability and safe lifting. When lifting is completed, another push of a button stops the pump, pulls up the support legs, and locks the articulating arm so that you are ready to move on. You can just lift and go, again and again.

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