lifting sacks in pharmaceutical weigh room

Pharmaceutical weighing

When cleanliness is crucial, TAWI’s stainless steel lifting equipment can create an ergonomic, efficient and safe workflow for a clean room environment.

clean room lifting trolley used in pharmaceutical industry

Weighing and distributing

The weighing area is the starting point to the manufacturing process and an essential part of the workflow, particularly for materials that are coming from a facility and entering into the processing area. Goods being handled in this room need to be handled with great care. With careful planning to the design of your workflow, you can create a dependable starting point for efficient manufacturing.

  • Safe and ergonomic pharmaceutical weighing
  • Stainless steel lifting tools
  • Prevent work related injuries usually caused from manual handling

The design of the weighing area and equipment used may differ depending on the type of processing that will take place, but some universal standards should be applied to any pharmaceutical weighing area. First, the materials as well as operators should all be moving in a single direction. Also, there should be a separation between harmful and harmless materials. And finally, there should be a separation of the storage and manufacturing items and spaces.


There are a variety of TAWI lifting tools generally used to assist in a pharmaceutical weighing area. The tools that will help you the most depends on the type of material handling that is required and the level of cleanliness that is needed.

As the main passage point from warehouse to manufacturing, the operations in the weighing area will have a critical effect on the general production process. A well arranged floor plan will provide a continuously smooth and efficient weighing process.

pharmaceutical weighing and dispensing

Stainless steel lifting tools designed for easy cleaning

Our mobile lifters are commonly used to move raw material into a weighing area, as well as used to transport materials to the processing areas. The lifters can easily lift, move, tilt and turn all types of drums or pails, as well as bags and other types of containers. Before moving from one closed area to the next, a lifting trolley can be hosed down to prevent the possibility of contamination.

In addition, a TAWI stainless steel vacuum lift assists in the handling of bags, allowing an operator in the weighing area the ability to easily lift heavy and bulky bags and emptying the contents into a pail or drum that has been placed on a scale. Thanks to the versatility of the vacuum lifts, the same one can be used to lift the goods from the scale and onto a pallet, and transport to the processing area without risking cross contamination.


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