clean room lifting trolley used in pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical processing

Guarantee a safe handling of goods and reduce the processing time in cleanroom areas with TAWI lifting equipment. Lower the production costs and improve the safety of your employees while also avoiding the threat of product contamination.

lifting drums in cleanroom with stainless steel vacuum lifter

Safe and efficient material handling for pharmaceutical processing

The manufacturing of pharmaceutical products is a delicate process. To keep the work space safe, the production process usually will take place in a protected and cleanroom area. Cleanrooms are made to maintain extremely low levels of dust and airborne substances. Each piece of equipment used in the cleanroom must be made to produce minimal air contamination and be very easy to clean.

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To maximize the pharmaceutical processing workflow and _____ workers from repeated heavy manual lifting, TAWI provides several lifting aids designed to use in cleanroom environments. Our vast array of lifts include lifting trolleys, that can tilt and transport bags, rolls and drums, and a variety of vacuum lifters with tools specifically made for use in cleanrooms. All of these lifts are available in stainless steel and made for easy cleaning.

With the help of a TAWI lifting device, operators can easily move heavy and bulky bags, lift them without putting physical strain on their bodies, and empty the bags safely into a mixer. Drums can also be picked up, moved, lifted, tilted and turned as much as needed, all in an ergonomic manner. To guarantee the maximum cleanliness, it is best to use an explosion proof TAWI lifting system and attach it to a stainless steel TAWI crane system.

handling drum in cleanroom with lifting trolley

Customizable lifting tools to meet your specific needs

TAWI has been supplying safe and ergonomic handling equipment to pharmaceutical industry customers for decades. We are completely aware of the processing tasks that takes place in pharmaceutical manufacturing and have designed our lifting tools to meet the demands and requirements of the industry. More often than not, our solutions are customized for very specific needs, ensuring every customer is supplied with the best devices needed to increase their workflow, while also meeting their strict safety requirements.

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