stacking pharma boxes onto pallet

Pharmaceutical packaging

TAWI offers a variety of lifting tools that are designed to meet the needs in pharmaceutical packaging areas. In return, we can provide quick and efficient packaging processes and dependable material handling for both your operators and your goods.

Lifting packaged pharmaceuticals onto pallet

Time-saving and controlled handling of packaged pharmaceuticals

Due to the highly sensitive nature of the pharmaceutical industry, there is no room for error. In order to keep up with packaging and palletizing products in a steady and reliable manner, using dependable handling equipment is essential.

Here at TAWI, we have specifically designed our lifting equipment to meet the demands in pharmaceutical packaging areas.

TAWI supplies a vast selection of lifting tools that are suited for packing pharmaceuticals and for moving them from a conveyor to a pallet. A lifting trolley can provide an effortless and ergonomic handling of heavy rolls of packaging materials, which guarantees a steady production line and a safe working environment in the packaging area.

To assist you more, a vacuum lift can provide safe and reliable handling for the packaging of boxes, and for moving the sealed boxes from a conveyor to a pallet. If you have a smaller operation, a mobile vacuum lifter may be the most cost-effective solution for you. This will allow a worker to operate the same vacuum lift in multiple areas of your work space. You can easily move a lifter from a conveyor to pallet, or from one conveyor to another.

If there are strict sanitary requirements that need to be met, our lifting trolleys and vacuum lifters are available in stainless steel, to meet those needs. These stainless steel tools can be washed down easily and just as effortlessly operated.

TAWI lifters can easily be set up in a customized crane system that has been constructed to meet the needs of your facility. By doing so, a TAWI lift can generate the most efficient workflow for your business and maximize its productivity.

Lifting devices for your packaging process

Attaching goods onto a packaging machine is typically difficult and tiresome to manually execute. This awkward job endangers not just the operator, but the overall workflow of the production too, especially if the task at hand is not performed quickly. However, if using a TAWI lifting device, the task becomes much more easier and the workflow much more efficient.

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