Packaging and palletizing food and beverage

Packaging and palletizing

Implementing a TAWI vacuum lifter into your facility for your packaging and palletizing needs, assures that employees will have the ability to lift ergonomically and safely, while keeping up with the best lifting rate, all day and ever day. Also, there will be no loss to the underlying outcome that can often occur from work related injuries.

Lifting water bottles onto pallet

Gripping and palletizing with no risk of loss or damage

When packing or palletizing ingredients or raw materials into food and beverage products, rips or holes made to the bags can cause foreign objects to contaminate the materials, possibly ruining their value or making them harmful to consume. TAWI’s line of vacuum lifting equipment eliminates this risk and improves productivity in the process, while moving, stacking and handling fast and carefully, even the most delicate of containers or packages, with no chance of damage to either the products or the employees.

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When a finished product is packed and ready to be shipped, a TAWI vacuum lifter can significantly improve the workflow of your facility, by enabling employees the ability to quickly grab boxes or containers and place them on a pallet, with no possibility of damaging the product or its contents. A TAWI vacuum lift system allows the effort of lifting to be easy with the ability to re-position bags and boxes when palletizing. This way, the operators can quickly lift the bag or box, move it over a pallet, and lower it down onto the pallet carefully and ergonomically.

Also, a TAWI lifting solution allows any employee the ability to lift even the heaviest goods, no matter their size or strength, allowing for a more diverse workplace. Because of this, your workflow will contain maximum efficiency, without work related injuries or accidents that can occur from repeated lifting, stacking and moving of bags and boxes onto pallets.

Mounting film roll in packaging machine

Safe and ergonomic packing and palletizing

Whether you’re lifting bags and boxes or directly handling food products, TAWI stainless steel lifts and trolleys guarantee an ergonomic and safe lifting process through all the stages of your workflow. TAWI lifting equipment is cost-efficient, low maintenance, easy to install, and requires little effort to operate, making it a great return on your investment.

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