vacuum lifter lifting food products in food processing

Food processing

The TAWI stainless steel vacuum lifters have been specifically designed to meet the sanitary requirements for food processing operations.

Lifting blocks of meet in food processing

Easily adapted into your food processing operations

Raw ingredients of food and beverage products come in a variety of packaging, from boxes, cartons, bags, rolls and much more. Manually handling these various sources of packaging in a safe and sanitary way is an ongoing demand. With TAWI’s stainless steel lifters, you can meet these demands, by lifting just about any type of goods, no matter the shape or size, safely and in a sanitary manner. A TAWI vacuum lifting system can manage plastic, paper and jute bags, boxes and cartons, drums, kegs and pails, as well as all raw food products.

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Vacuum lifting eliminates the danger of work related injuries caused by heavy and repeated lifting, creating a more safe and efficient working environment. Additionally, a TAWI vacuum lifter allows any employee, no matter their size or strength, the ability to control even the heaviest of goods effortlessly and with complete accuracy, making it easy to achieve workplace diversity. The increase in work productivity and enhanced workflow provided by using a TAWI system make our lifters a great return on your investment.

Processing facilities in the food and beverage industry tend to have work spaces with a low headroom or other restrictions. Furthermore, the workflow typically requires a lifting system to be installed in a small space and close to the ceiling.

lifting meat in food manufacturing process

Systems made with the operator in mind

By using a TAWI vacuum lifting system with its stable and versatile designs, you can easily implement a system into your workflow, whether it be overhead or not, that will fit your needs within your work space. With TAWI vacuum lifters and lifting trolleys, the job of processing and emptying bags of ingredients or raw materials provides the highest levels of hygiene and safety, as well as enhances the efficiency of the entire process. Our equipment is not only hygienic, but it can also be washed down and cared for easily, permitting both sanitary operations and an efficient workflow.

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