TAWI Schienensysteme

Schienensysteme, angepasst an Ihre Bedürfnisse, integriert in Ihre Tätigkeitsabläufe. Unsere Schienensysteme sind die Grundlage für effizientes Heben.

TAWI Schienensysteme

Unsere Kransystem werden hinsichtlich kundenspezifischer Anforderungen gefertigt

  • Aluminium- und Stahlprofile.
  • Kundenspezifisch gefertigte Systeme integriert in Ihre Räumlichkeiten
  • Komplette Lösungen für effizientes Heben.
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Overhead crane systems
– the basis for efficient lifting

A crane system built for your needs, integrated in your workflow, will help ensure efficient lifting and productive processes. TAWI overhead bridge cranes give you the freedom to lift and move goods exactly where you need them.

TAWI crane systems offer flexible solutions for mounting lifters so that you can use them wherever you need. Steel or aluminium profiles can be mounted in the ceiling or on floor pillars, built to match your facilities and meet your every need. We have solutions for suspending the crane system directly in the ceiling or in roof beams. No matter how your facilities are constructed, we will build an overhead crane system that is ideal for your conditions.
Our high-quality crane systems are customized to fit your business and help streamline your operations. Stable trolleys run smoothly in the profiles, steadily moving your lifter to where you need it, by manual power or remote control.

The system can be a single girder running along a production line, or a vast system covering an entire logistics unit. By adapting the crane system for your individual business needs, we produce a lifting system that will facilitate lifting, increase productivity and support a healthy work environment, wherever you are.
TAWI overhead bridge cranes are reliable systems that will keep your operations running for decades. The profiles are produced from high-quality steel, finished off with a protective coating. Parts are merged together seamlessly, making sure whatever you suspend in the system will run smoothly for many years to come.

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