High speed lifting with TAWI VacuCobra

Our most rapid lifter picks up the load and lifts in no time. Efficient, ergonomic and extremely easy to use.

TAWI VacuCobra

High-speed box handling has never been easier. Grip and lift items quickly and easily with just one hand, powered by reliable vacuum technology.

  • High-speed goods handling.
  • Grip from the top or either side.
  • One-handed lifting with our user-friendly joystick handle.
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What can we lift witha a TAWI VacuCobra lift?

High frequency lifting with TAWI VacuCobra!

Need to increase productivity when it comes to your manual handling of goods? TAWI VacuCobra makes lifting easy and very time-efficient.
This high-speed vacuum lifter picks up loads of all shapes and sizes, securely gripping from the top or from the side. Whenever you need to load or unload packaged goods, TAWI VacuCobra will make the job easy, efficient and ergonomic. The comfortable handle lets you pick up loads using only one hand, easily controlling lifting height with your fingertips. The control is quickly adjusted from the right to left side of the handle to suit left- or right-handed users.
Loading or unloading pallets has never been easier. Pick up goods from the top or from the side, turn the load if needed and quickly release it in the exact position where you need it.

A swivel integrated in both the top and bottom of the tube lifter allows you to rotate the goods and not the lifter, ensuring high precision. The quick-release function makes sure no time is wasted when releasing the load. TAWI VacuCobra facilitates high-frequency lifting, streamlining the manual handling of goods in any logistic department, distribution centre or warehouse.
Our stainless-steel models are ideal for lifting in environments with high demands on cleanliness and are often used in food production. TAWI VacuCobra can lift blocks of cheese or frozen meat, milk cartons and wine boxes, effectively speeding up workflow in food and beverage production. Suction feet can be adapted to meet your specific requirements, ensuring that the lifter is ideal for gripping your goods, no matter what they are.

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