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Lifting Bales? Make it efficient and effortless with TAWI UK

Lifting bales can be strenuous work. Using TAWI UK lifters will help prevent injuries to your workforce, and increase efficiency in your operation.

Lifting bales with TAWI UK vacuum lifters will save employees from straining backs, shoulders and knees. The vacuum lifter makes lifting effortless and ergonomic, saving employee health and increasing efficiency and productivity.

The vacuum lifter is simple to use and will let you handle bales weighing up to 270 kg with minimal effort and maximum precision. An ergonomic handle allows the operator to control the height and speed of the lift with their fingertips. Vacuum technology grips the bale securely and holds it securely throughout the lift.

Our lifters make lifting bales easy for everyone. TAWI UK lifters will easily create an equal work place, where every task is accessible to everyone, encouraging flexibility within the workplace.

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