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The UK pharmaceutical and chemical industries require maximum quality and maximum reliability – both in their products and from the equipment that moves them.

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We asked some of our customers to share their experience of lifting the TAWI way.

Clean room lifting equipment from TAWI UK

Stainless steel vacuum lifters from TAWI UK provide the ideal clean room lifting equipment for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries and are specifically designed for these meticulously controlled environments.

Hygienic, safe, and accurate

Moving and handling the substances used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry requires great accuracy and safety. These materials come in a wide range of packaging, stored in barrels, sacks or jugs, and present constant handling challenges.

That’s where a clean room lifting equipment solution from TAWI UK comes in. In order to allow safe handling of hard-to-grip elements and containers, our clean room lifting equipment ensures ergonomic, safe lifting whether handling drums, bags, boxes, barrels or sacks. Vacuum lifting devices from TAWI UK offer safety and reliability through all stages of your process, from moving to palletizing and further processing and packaging of the products.


Damage-free gripping and palletizing

Great care is required when handling chemicals or other sensitive organic materials.  Any tears or holes in the sacks can allow substances to leak out or air to reach the materials, rendering them useless. TAWI UK clean room lifting equipment enables operators to lift these loads safely and securely, even when handling sacks or containers made of fragile materials such as paper.

Our vacuum lifting solutions for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries come in stainless steel configurations especially designed for clean room applications and other controlled environments. Our ergonomic designs provide maximum operator protection and increase production efficiency

Stainless steel lifts and trolleys

Our stainless-steel lifting trolleys are designed for the most demanding clean room environments and easily stand up to the tough sanitary requirements of the pharma and food processing industries. TAWI UK stainless steel lifts and trolleys are extremely lightweight and easy to use, featuring smooth, seamless surfaces that make for easy cleaning and allow only minimal particle accumulation.


Adaptable to your needs

TAWI UK clean room lifting equipment feature a hygienic, stainless steel design and offer an efficient, optimised, cost effective clean room lifting solution for any controlled environment where hygiene, handling safety, cGMP’s, and optimum ergonomic efficiency are essential.

Our modular system allows the actual pump device to be placed in another location, which is important in air-locked operations, and allows maximum safety and control even in the most demanding environments.

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