lifting plastic wrapped cannisters with vacuum lifter lifting set of containers with hoist lifting multiple containers with hoist

Lifting multiple containers

Lift all sorts of vessels, canisters or containers in groups of two or more. Our versatile lifters can handle pretty much any containers you need to lift, increasing efficiency by lifting them in groups.

  • Innovative solutions for time-efficient lifting.
  • Ergonomic tools for handling multiple containers.
  • Cost-efficient manual handling of goods.

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Box lifting with multifunctional vacuum lifter

Multifunctional lifter

Multifunctional lifter

This versatile vacuum lifter is our most flexible lifting tool, handling goods of all shapes and sizes easy and efficiently for loads <270 kg.

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wire rope hoist lifting containers

Wire hoist

Wire hoist

High speed electric hoist handling all types of goods with high precision. For loads <120 kg.

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Efficient lifting of containers and canisters

Lifting containers in groups can save lots of time in your operations,
speeding up the manual handling of goods.

Time saving lifting solutions

TAWI tools for lifting multiple containers offer a simple way of saving time in your operations. Grip and lift containers in groups of two or more, effortless and easy. Lift and move with speed and precision, easily placing the containers exactly where you need them. TAWI vacuum lifters facilitate high-frequency lifting. Suction feet can be customized to suit your goods, enabling safe and efficient lifting of your canisters.

Lifting with optimal precision

When precision is key, TAWI Wire hoist is your tool of choice. Variable speed control allows you to choose how fast or slow to move at any point, and the user-friendly handle makes it very easy to manoeuvre the load.

Tools can be adapted to your specific needs, lifting your containers in groups of two or more, effortless and easy.

Customized solutions

Our standard lifters are based on years of experience, facilitating lifting of all types of goods in industries worldwide. But every business is unique, so to ensure optimal solutions for every customer we are always prepared to adapt our tools to meet customer request. Tell us how you handle containers today, and we will design a lifting system that will streamline your operations and ensure ergonomic and efficient lifting every day.

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