Lifting heavy tyres

Need to lift heavy tyres? TAWI offer solutions for lifting, transporting and positioning tyres effortlessly and precisely.

  • Safely grip tyres from the outside or inner core.
  • Lift, transport and position all types of tyres.
  • Achieve optimal mobility with mobile lifting systems.
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Effortless handling of your tyres

Lift and transport tyres without straining your body, with TAWI systems you achieve an optimal combination of efficiency, safety and ergonomics.

Power, precision and mobility
Our range of solutions for handling tyres are designed to meet your specific needs. If precision is key for your workflow then a TAWI hoist is a system that gives you full control of every movement. Our vacuum lifters offer quick and easy handling of tyres when speed is most vital. If you need to transport tyres over large areas then TAWI Lifting Trolleys will make the job efficient and effortless.

Everyone can lift tyres
With our user-friendly and smart lifting solutions everyone in your business can handle tyres, increasing the flexibility of your workforce and ensuring consistent workflow.

Lifting and moving heavy tyres during a workday is a tough task, made efficient, easy and ergonomic with TAWI lifters.

Quick return on your investment
Investing in a lifting solution from TAWI will pay off in no time; increasing efficiency by ensuring that your employees can work in a constant pace all day, every day. By avoiding work related injuries you also get healthier and happier employees, while minimizing sick leave and downtime in your business. Your results will also benefit from the advantage of having a completely flexible workforce where everyone can handle heavy and large tyres.

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