Lifting containers

Lift all sorts of vessels, canisters or containers effortless and easy. Our versatile lifters can handle pretty much any container you need to lift.

  • Flexible solutions for efficient lifting.
  • Ergonomic tools for handling containers.
  • Always efficient, sustainable and safe.
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Effortless handling of all types of containers

Lifting containers of various shapes and sizes should be effortless and efficient. TAWI lifters help you handle pretty much all types of containers.

Versatile vacuum lifters
TAWI vacuum lifters are very versatile and can be used to lift most types of containers and cannisters. Easily grip containers from the top or from the side, lift with a simple one-hand grip and place the load exactly where you need it. Our vacuum lifters ensure a good, ergonomic working position and are so easy to use, anyone will learn to control the lifter within minutes.

The vacuum lifters make lifting containers effortless and easy and help speed up workflow without straining employees. The lifters allow anyone to lift, there is no need to be big or strong when lifting is effortless. This helps create an equal workplace with a flexible workforce that can easily switch between positions.

Precision with hoist lift
Need to lift and position containers in a very specific spot? Our TAWI ViperHoist is among the fastest hoists on the market, easily handling most types of containers or vessels with optimal precision.

The ergonomic handle gives full control of your load, allowing you to easily adjust the speed and carefully place containers exactly where you need them. TAWI ViperHoist can be used together with a wide selection of tools, depending on what type of containers you need to lift.

Reliable operations
TAWI lifters are sustainable and reliable tools that will keep your operations running at all times. All our lifters are high-quality, cost efficient solutions that will help ensure reliable operations. The lifters contribute to a flexible workforce where everyone can lift and effectively help avoid unnecessary downtime in your production line. Keep your operations running with efficient lifting solutions handling all types of containers and canisters.

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