Truck attachment vacuum lifter

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This truck attached vacuum lifter allows quick and easy manual handling with a comfortable one-hand grip.

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High-speed forklift vacuum lifter

Thanks to the extremely compact design of this truck attachment, the operator can smoothly move the arm in and out of pallet racks reaching all goods on a pallet from top to bottom.

  • Battery and vacuum pump are integrated in the unit
  • Support legs ensure optimal safety for operator and load
  • Operations time: 3 hours constant use

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Fork truck attachment for efficient manual handling

TAWI Mobile Order Picker Compact offers extended reach into pallet racks, containers and other areas with limited head room.

  • Great reach thanks to the compact design
  • User-friendly ergonomic handle
  • Grip, lift and release boxes with one hand
  • Adjust the height of the tower directly on the handle
  • Easy to switch battery pack

Product Details

TAWI Mobile Order Picker Compact is available in one standard model. For special requests, contact your TAWI representative.

  • Information
    Lifting capacity35 kg
    Adjustable height500 mm

Forklift vacuum lifter with great reach

A fork truck attachment that allows you to lift with high speed and optimal ergonomics and safety. Compatible with any type of pallet jack or forklift this mobile vacuum lifter offers great adaptability and time-efficient material handling.

Whenever you need to handle goods fast and efficient with full mobility within your facilities, a forklift vacuum lifter from TAWI is the solution for you. Thanks to its low built construction this compact fork truck attachment enables great reach into pallet racks, containers or trucks.

User-friendly and flexible

Grip, lift and move any type of packaged goods, including boxes, sacks and more. The ergonomic handle allows you to work fast and efficient using only one hand to grip and lift goods. Grip and lift quick and effortless, move the load to where you need it and release it just as easily. The articulating arm allows great range of motion and thanks to the low-built design of the tower you can easily reach into pallet racks or containers.

Full reach

The unit is designed to allow you to pick goods from pallet, all the way from the top to the bottom, without straining your body. The suction head grips load from the top or from the side and the hose allows you to reach all the way down to the bottom layer of the pallet.

The fork truck attachment is compatible with all types of forklift trucks or pallet jacks so that you can easily use it anywhere in your facilities. The vacuum pump automatically stops when the unit is lifted to be moved and starts again as soon as the unit is lowered. This means you can lift goods in one place, move on to the next pallet rack and start lifting again in an extremely time-efficient manner.

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