Our lifters are designed to make lifting easy and efficient, for everyone. The systems are easily integrated in your workflow with user-friendly lifters requiring little maintenance. Here you can see why our customers choose the TAWI way of lifting.

Get return on your investment with the TAWI equation


Increase productivity by making lifting easy. When lifting is easy you can lift more, with less effort


Relieve employees from strenuous lifting and help them stay healthy, alert and efficient all day. Every day.


Give everyone the power to lift. Create a flexible workplace where employees can move between workstations to avoid unnecessary downtime and ensure continuous productivity.

5 challenges, and the TAWI solution

  1. My goods have odd shapes and measures, no lifting aid will grip them.

    We customize tools to grip and lift pretty much anything from meat to car batteries or windshields. Challenge us with your product and we’ll offer you a solution.

  2. I fear that lifting aids will slow down production.

    Operators will learn to use the lifters in no time, soon lifting with the same speed as before, or faster. And they will be able to keep the same pace all day, every day. TAWI lifters ensure continuity in your production flow.

  3. The goods I need to lift are difficult to reach.

    Reach high, grip from every angle, or reach into narrow spaces. With our wide range of lifters you can lift everywhere you need, reaching every corner of a pallet or the highest shelves in your facilities.

  4. Sanitary restrictions stop us from using lifting equipment.

    We adapt our products to meet your requirements. Lifting food or handling sensitive chemicals is no problem. Our stainless-steel systems are used in food- and pharmaceutical industries all over the world.

  5. I need to lift both boxes and crates.

    Our flexible lifters let you handle various types of goods, with the same lifter. A quick coupling makes it easy to switch tools in no time so that you can lift boxes, bags, drums and more, with the same equipment.

Customer success stories

We asked some of our customers to share their experience of lifting the TAWI way.

VacuCobra high frequency sheet lifting

Iedereen kan zware zakken tillen met TAWI hefsystemen

mobile lifters
LG Collection

Met TAWI hefsystemen kan iedereen grote en zware platen tillen


Je voelt een ontzettend groot verschil aan het einde van de dag.

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