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Here’s how food industry production plants can easily speed up their workflow and save both time and money. Not to mention the added benefits of a safe and ergonomic work environment.

By using the right tools for lifting, you can streamline your processes and create a more time efficient workflow, all the way from incoming goods to loading the finished products on pallets. In many food industry production plants, a lot of material handling is still done manually without lifting aids. After working closely together with food industry clients for many years, TAWI has identified the most important areas where production plants can save time and improve workers’ situation.

Food industry production plants often receive ingredients for their products packed in bags or sacks. These are heavy, ungainly and very difficult to unload in an ergonomic manner. The process normally requires two people for lifting each sack. With a mobile vacuum lifter, one person can easily unload a truck full of sacks with minimal effort, saving time (one less person to do the job) and reducing the risk of work-related injuries from repetitive heavy lifting. The vacuum lifter allows anyone to lift sacks up to 80 kg effortless and ergonomic, place them on pallet and move them to a pallet rack.

The first step of production often involves taking the sacks filled with ingredients and emptying them into a hopper for mixing. Again, these sacks are heavy and ungainly and often requires two men to lift them. Holding the sack while cutting it open to empty the contents can be a tough challenge, even for two people working together. Installing vacuum lifters above the hoppers will make is very easy for one single person to grab a sack from the pallet, move it over to the hopper and empty its contents. This too will result in time savings, risk reduction, and greatly improved ergonomics.

Once the food product is ready for packaging, most production plants will need to mount reels of plastic film into a packaging machine. The reels are heavy and difficult to handle manually. Here, the solution is an electric lifting trolley that can pick reels up from vertical position on the pallet, turn them to horizontal position, and lift them to the exact height needed to mount them on the machine axis. The use of lifting trolleys in this process will make the job easier and significantly reduce the risk of injuries caused by heavy lifting.

Now that the finished product is packed and ready to be shipped off, a vacuum lifter will help speed up the process, quickly grabbing boxes from the conveyor and placing them on pallet. Using a vacuum lifter in this process will ensure that employees can lift ergonomically and risk-free. They will also not get tired from the repeated lifting but will manage to keep lifting at the same pace all day.

Learn more about TAWI lifting solutions here.

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