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Protect employees from injury and save your business from unnecessary spending through the implementation of safe and efficient manual handling equipment.

Did you know that manual handling of goods occurs at most any type of workplace and causes over a third of all workplace injuries? Manual handling injuries occur in most types of workplaces and situations – anything from receiving incoming goods, stacking shelves in a store or warehouse, working on a conveyor line, or mixing ingredients in food production. These injuries often have serious implications for both employer and employee where they lose both time and money, not to mention the physical suffering for the person injured.

Improve worker safety

In many cases it is not possible to avoid manual handling of loads, and employers must look at the risks of manual handling and put sensible health and safety measures in place to prevent and avoid injury. Manual handling equipment can help ensure safe manual handling in most workplaces, effectively reducing the risk of workplace injuries. As an employer, implementation of manual handling equipment is one of several things that you can do to improve worker safety. First you should review the entire workplace where manual handling occurs. If possible, try to reduce the amount of twisting, stooping and reaching as these movements tend to cause injury. Adjust storage areas to minimize the need to carry out such movements and consider how you can minimize carrying distances. Remove obstructions from the route where goods need to be moved.

Manual handling equipment

With manual handling equipment adaptable to your organization most workplace injuries caused by manual handling can be avoided. Safe manual handling will save workers from suffering from injury and pain, but it will also save your company from spending more than necessary on sick pay, insurance, and other costs that can be avoided by efficient prevention measures. The investment in manual handling equipment will soon pay for itself by reducing injury and sick leave. As a bonus, employees will also save their strength and have more energy to perform well throughout their working day. Lear more about manual handling equipment here, or contact TAWI for a consultation on safe manual handling.

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