Lifting 7200kg of boxes every day, effortlessly

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Investing in ergonomic lifting equipment
Rockwool, world leading supplier of stone wool products and insulation systems, have invested in several ergonomic lift systems from TAWI. At their production site in Belgium, vacuum lifters and lifting trolleys are used daily to lift and transport various goods and they have become a natural part of the production flow. By investing in TAWI lifting equipment, Rockwool wanted to make the work easier and more ergonomic for the employees.

lifting metal component with lifting trolley

Lifting 7200kg of boxes every day, effortlessly
Lifting boxes weighing between 20-30 kg and stacking them on pallets was done by hand until a few years ago. One pallet can contain up to 72 boxes, each box weighing around 25 kg, equalizing a total weight of around 1800 kg per pallet. One employee will fill at least four pallets per shift, lifting a total of 7200 kg. Using TAWI lifters, these weights can be handled in a time efficient way and without putting any harmful strain on the workers bodies.

Man lifting tall boxes with handheld vacuum lifter

Improved employee health and satisfaction
Since the investment was made the lifters have been used on every shift, every day. The production workers have experienced positive time saving effects since they can now maintain the same work speed all day, without getting tired. Danny Flass, production site supervisor, is convinced that the investment in TAWI lifting equipment pays off quickly due to the obvious health benefits for the employees.

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