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ATEX certified lifting equipment for hazardous work environments
TAWI recently installed a complete system of ATEX certified lifters at a large chemical company that produce a variety of chemical products. This company was struggling with the challenge of lifting sacks up to a mixer and emptying them into a mezzanine, with a potential risk of exposure to flammable and explosive chemicals.A sales rep from TAWI advised the client that by installing an ATEX vacuum lifter with ATEX approved motor, the vacuum pump could be placed in another room, thereby enabling the lifter to vent the exhaust into a safe area. It's important to carefully plan both the selection and placement of lifting equipment that will be used in hazardous work environments, and that every component of the lift system is approved for explosive atmospheres. All TAWI sales reps have been trained on ATEX regulations and have a thorough understanding of the implications of installing equipment in ATEX restricted facilities.

Improved safety, reduced downtime and maximized productivity

The solution from TAWI has not only improved employee health and productivity, but also ensured safety at every stage of handling process. Since the installation, the employees in the chemical production can lift sacks safely and ergonomically throughout their shifts, reducing downtime and eliminating the risk of explosion."We have not had any recorded lift injuries since we installed the vacuum lift and our employees are able to empty up to one and a half pallet of sacks on a single shift now. This equals approximately 45 sacks of 23 kg each", says the production engineer.

Solutions to industry specific challenges

Hazardous work environments are found in a variety of industries, from chemical and pharmaceutical processes to sugar refinement and milk drying. To meet the various needs for lifting aids in explosive atmospheres TAWI offers an extensive range of ATEX certified, hazardous environment solutions. Each solution is customized to the specific project at hand, ensuring maximum safety and efficiency.Click here for more information about TAWI ATEX certified lifters.

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