Car component handling vacuum lifter

Component handling

Efficient handling of all types of car components. TAWI offers tools for lifting anything from engines or batteries to windshields and chassis; tools that will speed up the manual handling of car parts, and save employees from heavy lifting.

Components in crates

Faster and safer component handling

The many components and parts that go into a modern automobile do not spring into life on the assembly floor. The manufacture of these components is a complex and demanding process. TAWI lifting solutions can help ensure maximum efficiency and safety at every stage of the component process, from production and manufacture of individual parts and modules, to the final assembly of these components into the finished automobile.

TAWI’s extensive range of vacuum lifting products enables automakers and their suppliers to manage the moving, lifting, and placement of components faster and safer than ever before.

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Whether it is individual frame elements or entire components such as doors, side panels or roofs, components need to be handled, moved, put into position for attachment or assembly. Often heavy or fragile or both, these components require sheer power as well as extremely high positioning accuracy. Marks or even the most minimal damage to components are not acceptable. A TAWI vacuum lifting solution provides the perfect combination of power and finesse to ensure that components are put into place accurately, with no damage, and with unprecedented ease.

TAWI vacuum lifters provide safe and secure lifting, and are ideal for applications where other systems, such as mechanical grippers, would be too heavy or too inflexible, or might cause damage to the components.

A TAWI solution enables workpieces of widely varying shapes and sizes to be handled with minimal set-up and to be lifted out of their transport boxes and placed in the proper place.

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