Vacuum lifter with tilt function

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Handling sheets of wood or other heavy materials is often both cumbersome and time consuming. Using a lifting aid can save you both strength and time, obviously resulting in financial savings as well. Vacuum lifters use the sustainable power of vacuum to grip and lift loads with minimal effort for the operator. This often means that one person can do what used to be a two-man job, ensuring an efficient workflow where employees can work efficiently at all times without straining their backs or shoulders.

Do you need to pick sheets stacked in a vertical position and tilt them to horizontal position before releasing them? This vacuum lifter allows you to do just that. Swedish vacuum lifter manufacturer TAWI has developed a strong and reliable vacuum lifter with tilt function that facilitates sheet handling in any business. Handling wooden sheets has never been easier!

This sheet lifter is used successfully at Anebyhus, a Swedish company producing module houses. They used to lift boards manually and have seen improvements in efficiency and work environment since they started using TAWI vacuum lifters. Production manager Olof Johansson explains that the tilt function offers great benefits in their production line. They can now easily put the boards on trolleys and push these into the houses they build, minimizing lifting inside the houses as well.

Mounted safely in a TAWI crane system, the vacuum lifter is easily moved between work stations, allowing the operator to move sheets with minimal effort. The ergonomic handle is easy to use and most operators will learn to control this lifter within a minute or two. As seen in this video, the operator can easily tilt the sheets with practically no effort at all.

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