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Are you struggling with heavy and ungainly objects in your daily operations? Fighting with the packaging film that needs to be moved to, and loaded in, the packaging machine? Exhausted from lifting and emptying large drums or barrels into hoppers?

Stop working harder than you need to and start doing things in an ergonomic and efficient manner instead. TAWI’s electric lifting trolleys allow you to get the job done faster, safer and with less effort. Equipped with tools for handling reels, crates, drums, cannisters, components and pretty much anything else, TAWI Lifting Trolleys are designed to streamline operations and create a safe and ergonomic work environment. Contact us today for a free consultation or keep reading to learn more.

Tooling for anything you need to lift

TAWI Lifting Trolleys are available in 8 standard models handling up to 250 kg. Robust wheels and ergonomic handles make them easy to drive, regardless how short or tall you are. The trolleys come with standard tooling for lifting reels, crates, boxes, drums and more. But we also custom make tools for handling whatever you need to lift. One of our most popular tools is the electric coregripper which allows effortless lift, tilt and turn of reels. With this tool, gripping reels from the core, you easily pick reels from pallet, move them to packing machine, and mount the reel on axis with practically no effort at all. Add a QuickLoad function and program your lifter to stop at the exact right height, making it even easier to load reels onto machine axis, or stack them on shelves.

Coregripper lifting reels from the core

Working in restricted areas

Stainless steel lifting trolleys CR80For sensitive environments where cleanliness is key, all TAWI Lifting Trolleys are available in stainless steel. The star in this area is the CR80 model with IP-rating IP65 which can be cleaned with pressure washer. This lifter is commonly used in cleanroom areas in e.g. pharmaceutical manufacturing, but also food industry clients appreciate this easy-to-clean lifter.
In addition to our stainless-steel assortment, TAWI also offers lifting trolleys with ATEX configuration. This means that the trolleys are approved for use in ATEX zones 1 and 21, 2 and 22. And again, these trolleys can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Safety features

All TAWI Lifting Trolleys are equipped with SafeDrive; a safety mechanism ensuring that if the tool hits an object during lowering it stops immediately. The lifters are belt driven which results in a safe, quiet and smooth oil free drive. A reliable braking system with three positions – directional lock, neutral and brake – helps ensure safety in every situation.
The trolleys are equipped with a detachable battery pack, easily replaceable if you need to run the trolley for multiple shifts. The effective battery charging system makes charging fast and efficient, and thanks to the clear charging indicator on the trolley you always know when it is time to charge the battery.

In summary, TAWI Lifting Trolleys offer safe and ergonomic handling of goods, enabling you to streamline operations without straining workers. With customization for specific applications, and for specific environments, the trolleys allow you to lift anything you need to lift in a safe and efficient way – no matter where you work.

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