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Efficient loading and unloading

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Well-organized loading and unloading is key to an efficient logistic process. Taking a step towards automation in your manual handling processes is an essential strategy to make your logistic workforce more efficient. Ergonomic lifting equipment offers you a step from a fully manual handling position onto the journey of automation – a quick, cost-efficient and sustainable step.

Changing consumer demands – a challenge or an opportunity?

Increasing online shopping is fundamentally changing the requirements on logistic centres. As consumers do more of their shopping online the demand for package delivery continues to grow. Simultaneously, the supply chain is more and more moving toward just-in-time delivery, leaving logistic companies with even less room for error. Optimizing loading and unloading is vital to overall supply chain efficiency.

Loading and unloading of trucks or unloading containers needs to be speedy and efficient, managing cartons of varying sizes and weights. The same thing is true for warehouse order picking and palletizing. Today’s consumers expect quick delivery, putting high demands on efficient order picking, loading and unloading.

Safety starts and ends with your workforce

Loading and unloading of cargo can be a dangerous operation that can cause injury to warehouse workers. In 2018, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics received 221,400 reports of workplace related injuries and illnesses in the transportation and warehousing industry. Safety starts and ends with your workforce and human error is a primary cause of injury in the goods receiving area. To prevent injury and chronic illness due to manual handling, training in ergonomic movements is a must.

Well-organized loading and unloading of containers or trucks is key to an efficient logistic process. Manually loading or unloading containers is time-consuming and strenuous work with a high risk of injury. The loading or unloading process involves lifting parcels from above shoulder height and twisting when lifting, which is hazardous work. Climbing to reach cargo in trucks and containers is a leading cause for slips, trips and falls. The good news is that when equipped with proper lifting aids, workers can save their strength, avoid injury, and speed up work, effectively saving both time and money.

3 steps for boosting loading and unloading efficiency:

1. Ensure that your employees receives the training they need to load and unloading efficiently
2. Be aware of common mistakes that can cause inefficiencies such as wasted space in the trailer/container and nonergonomic movements. Workers must lift with the legs and keep the package close to the body. They shouldn’t lift anything heavier than 20-25kg by themselves or without the right lifting equipment.
3. Take a step from manual handling to automation. Ergonomic lifting equipment is a cost-efficient and easily integrated step that can have a considerable effect on your loading and unloading efficiency.

Order picking with vacuum lifter attached on forklift

TAWI loading and unloading solutions

TAWI has developed a new mobile vacuum lifter with an articulating arm which gives optimal reach in pallet racks or warehouse shelves and allows the operator to lift all types of parcels, bags or other packaged goods quickly and safely. A selection of innovative suction feet ensures ergonomic and efficient operations, enabling operators to pick up goods from multiple angles. Learn more about TAWI solutions for efficient loading and unloading here.

Tawi Mobile Order Picker Easy Reach

Flexible and efficient order picking

TAWI Mobile Order Picker is a quick and user-friendly vacuum lifter that can handle cartons of varying sizes, paper or plastic bags, drums, sheets, or anything else that can be lifted with vacuum. The vacuum lifter is easily attached to any forklift or pallet jack used when picking goods, ensuring a speedy and flexible process. No matter which type of forklift or pallet jack is used, this vacuum lifter will go with the warehouse workers wherever they need to go to pick goods. An articulating arm allows the operator to reach into pallet racks and pick goods effortlessly and ergonomically. A clever solution that will facilitate order picking in any warehouse or logistic unit. Read more about order picking here.


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