Operator lifting boxes with a mobile vacuum lifter inside a container


TAWI supplies some of the world’s most innovative lifting solutions for logistics. Including vacuum lifters, portable lifting trolleys, crane systems, hoists, and gripping tools. Creating an optimal logistics flow with everything from sorting, packaging and order picking to palletizing and depalletizing.

Container and truck unloading

Need to unload boxes from containers or handle heavier goods such as large sacks or car tires? Container unloading is a common task in logistics and requires the use of proper container unloading equipment. By using vacuum lifters to unload containers, your workers can avoid physical strain and reduce the risk of injury.

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Unloading a container/truck using a mobile vacuum lifter from TAWI
Conveyor to pallet

How fast goods are picked from the conveyor belt and moved onto pallets for continued transport will have a significant impact on the success of your logistic process. Our solutions allow you to pick and lift goods fast and effortlessly, easily moving them from conveyor to pallet.

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TAWI Conveyor to Pallet
Order picking

Picking orders in a big warehouse? Achieve cost-efficient lifting by using a mobile vacuum lifter on several workstations, allowing the operator to quickly pick up different types of goods up to 80kg within a 2 meter range.

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order picking using a mobile order picker from TAWI
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The Ultimate Warehouse Lifting Equipment for Logistics

Lifting solutions play a major role in logistics and material handling processes. Logistics lifting equipment is essential to manage the logistics workflow effectively. Investing in the right warehouse lifting equipment can make it easy to move heavy and bulky materials and large quantities of goods. Utilizing these logistics lifting solutions can help streamline the logistics workflow and ensure smooth operations.

Streamlined inbound logistics are a key part of any successful business operation. Streamlining inbound logistics can help reduce costs and improve efficiency.

The Changing Face of Logistics

Logistics operations are responsible for safely transporting goods from the point of origin to their destination. As part of this process, efficient and secure material handling is essential. To support this, you need to use high-quality lifting and handling equipment. Lifting solutions for logistics operations include container unloading systems, order-picking equipment, cranes, hoists, and trolleys.

Modern handling and lifting solutions are used in many types of logistics environments. These range from warehouses and distribution centres to storage facilities and shipping, including loading and unloading at docks.

TAWIs Advanced Handling Systems for Warehouse Lifting

For businesses today, the ability to deliver goods quickly and reliably is essential. This means investing in the right material handling equipment so that those goods can be lifted, transported, and unloaded cost-effectively and efficiently. That’s where an experienced supplier like TAWI can help.

Our expertise is second to none, and our team will find the best handling and lifting solutions for your business fast, at a price to suit your budget. Here are the ways our handling systems can improve your logistics operations.

Less Physical Labor

Lifting solutions for logistics can be a great way to reduce physical labour for workers. These solutions can range from vacuum lifters to lifting trolleys. There are various types of warehouse lifting equipment for tasks such as lifting and moving goods between storage and loading areas. Other solutions, such as mobile vacuum lifts and adjustable conveyor belts, can also help reduce the amount of physical labour required during container unloading while ensuring better ergonomics for the operators.

Increased Efficiency

Investing in the right lifting and handling equipment makes it possible to save time and money significantly. There is no need to manually lift and move materials or goods between storage, transportation, or production. The equipment we supply can dramatically reduce the amount of manual handling required and will help to get goods to their destination faster.

Improved Safety

Improved safety is an essential factor when it comes to optimizing logistics processes. To ensure a safe working environment, proper handling of equipment is crucial. Lifting solutions for logistics, such as lifting trolleys, mobile vacuum lifters, and other types of equipment, can make a huge difference in terms of safety.

Using quality handling equipment in logistics reduces the risk of injuries and accidents. Proper lifting solutions can also reduce the risk of damaging goods and property.


TAWIs Lifting Solutions for Logistics Can Transform Your Business

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