automotive industry storage handling

Storage handling

Automotive components come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, which makes the storage and retrieval of automotive parts a special challenge. With a TAWI system, heavy parts or fragile components are all managed with equal ease, enabling you to achieve the most effective and labour efficient storage possible. All without damage to products or parts, and without risk to your employees.

storage of bulky car components

There where you need it and when you need it

Car parts are often bulky or oddly shaped, making them unsuitable for conventional storage – and for conventional lifting solutions. TAWI’s line of vacuum lifters makes storing and retrieving these parts – from exhaust pipes and windscreens to batteries and boxes of components – easier than ever before. A TAWI system can be customized to fit any type of storage operation, and provides a solution that is space efficient, ergonomic, and easy to use.

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The key to an effective storage and retrieval process is efficiency. If these operations are poorly organized or time-consuming then both time and money are lost. Products get damaged, workers get injured, and valuable production time is lost. With a TAWI system, automobile parts can get from where they are stored to where they are needed in a fast, efficient, and safe manner. Allowing automobiles to be completed faster and more frequently, and suppliers to efficiently manage shipping demands with no risk to either products or employees.

TAWI lifters can be adapted to handle the storage and retrieval of most any type of component or part, enabling workers to lift all-day, every-day, effortlessly and injury free. With a TAWI lifting solution, any employee can move and manage any part, at any height, from the bulkiest component to the most delicate item. The result is a more streamlined, ergonomic and efficient storage operation. And a more profitable one.

automotive industry storage handling

The industry is evolving - and so is TAWI

TAWI is constantly developing our product offering along with changes in the automotive industry, ensuring that our customers not only keep up with rapidly changing conditions, but stay ahead of them – and in the safest, most reliable fashion.

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