Lifting baggage at airport terminal

Airports and Ports

Ergonomic lifting solutions reduce the high number of work-related injuries associated with manual handling of baggage.

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Arrival and departure

Airport baggage handling is critical to ensuring a seamless travel experience for passengers during arrival and departure. Efficient baggage handling is essential to prevent delays and ensure passengers receive their belongings quickly.

To support efficient airport baggage handling in arrival and departure, TAWI offers the ultimate solution for lifting baggage at airport terminals, from carousels or conveyor belts, and between AKEs or open carts.

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Lifting baggage at airport terminal
Loading and unloading baggage

There are many benefits of using vacuum lifters from TAWI for loading and unloading baggage. Manual baggage handling can be very hazardous, especially when dealing with heavy items. By using a vacuum lifter, the risk of injury is greatly reduced. Using vacuum lifters also allows operators to handle larger loads with less effort, which means less time spent loading and unloading baggage. Since they are highly versatile and customisable, they can handle bags of different sizes and shapes, making them ideal for use in airports, hotels, and other industries.

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Man lifting big luggage up from airport band using a handhold vacuum lifter.
Baggage Handling in Checked Baggage Reconciliation Areas

When suspicious baggage is identified, it is diverted to a Checked Baggage Reconciliation Area (CBRA) where it undergoes additional screening before being transferred to the outgoing conveyor. But handling and moving suspicious baggage can be a challenge, especially in confined spaces with tight working heights and building columns that require flexibility. TAWI’s vacuum lifting solutions offer a safer way of handling this luggage, reduce the time required for baggage screening and reconciliation, and can be customized to fit the unique requirements of CBRA environments.

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Lifting baggage with handheld vacuum lifter
Airport Cargo Handling Equipment

In the fast-paced world of logistics, air cargo handling equipment plays a crucial role in ensuring the safe and efficient movement of goods across the globe. Vacuum lifters can offer several advantages for the airport and port industries. Firstly, they can lift many cargo types and sizes, making them highly versatile. Secondly, they are efficient in terms of speed, allowing for quick and seamless movement of cargo. Thirdly, vacuum lifters are safer than manual handling as they eliminate the risk of injury associated with heavy lifting.

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Ergonomic Baggage Handling Solutions for Airports and Cruise Terminals

In recent years, baggage handling in airports and cruise terminals has become a significant concern due to the high number of work-related injuries. Baggage handlers are prone to physical injuries such as back and shoulder pain from lifting heavy bags, which can lead to long-term health problems. To address this problem, TAWI has developed an innovative solution that revolutionizes baggage handling in airports and cruise terminals.

Our ergonomic bag handling solutions have been designed to reduce the high number of injuries associated with manual baggage handling. TAWI’s solution has gained popularity worldwide, with over 650 TAWI baggage lift units installed in more than 65 airports worldwide. The solution has been lauded by thousands of satisfied baggage handlers who work with the equipment every day.

Why Choose TAWI’s Ergonomic Baggage Handling Solutions?

TAWI’s smart lifting solutions are an innovative way to take control of the baggage handling process. The benefits that users report include reduced work-related injuries, such as lower shoulder and back pain from lifting, improved working environment, and increased efficiency. This solution has helped lift the burden off the backs of baggage handlers and transformed how baggage is handled in airports and cruise terminals.

Flexible Baggage Handling Solutions for Any Environment

The flexibility of TAWI products means that we can overcome many of the physical constraints that occur in any cruise terminal or airport baggage hall. Whether retrofitting into an existing terminal or planning for a new building, we can offer easy-lifting solutions that will adapt to the existing or required infrastructure. We take responsibility for the design and make sure we understand the customers’ processes and work closely with integrators to ensure a successful project.

The Earlier We Become Involved, the Better the Outcome

TAWI’s design engineers develop lifting devices in collaboration with customers, and integrators, whether these lift assist systems are retrofitted or specified into a baggage system from the outset. We use 3D design packages such as SOLID WORKS, NAVIS, or REVIT to ease this process, enabling efficient project coordination with design team members. The earlier we can become involved in a project, the better the outcome. Space can be safeguarded, and the solution less compromised, benefiting the end-user.

Let Our Ergonomic Baggage Handling Solutions Help Lift Your Business

Existing users of TAWI’s baggage lift have highlighted increased productivity, proper lifting techniques, improved workplace safety, and reduced work-related injuries at many airports. Independent studies show that the load on the body is reduced by more than 80%, with the added bonus of maintained or increased productivity. We’re incredibly proud to have created a vacuum lift system that helps every single baggage handler to eliminate their physical pain, all thanks to TAWI’s ergonomic vacuum lifters developed for airports and ports.

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Operator using a TAWI vacuum lifter for safe and efficient baggage handling at London Stansted Airport

London Stansted Airport, the third-largest airport in the UK, contacted TAWI for ergonomic baggage handling systems to reduce manual lifting and prevent injuries. The airport required innovation, quality, risk mitigation, a robust solution, and a good ROI. TAWI’s team worked closely with the London Stansted Airport to understand their challenges and to come up with a fitting solution. Curious about the result? Read the whole case study here.


  1. What types of luggage can TAWI’s baggage handling solutions handle?

    Our systems can handle a variety of luggage sizes and weights, from small carry-on bags to large suitcases.

  2. Can TAWI’s baggage handling solutions be customized to fit my facility?

    Yes, our systems can be customized to fit any space and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your facility.

  3. Are TAWI’s baggage handling solutions easy to use?

    Yes, our systems are designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate. We also offer training and support to ensure that your staff is comfortable using our solutions.


TAWI’s ergonomic baggage handling solutions have revolutionized the way baggage is handled in airports and cruise terminals around the world. With our smart lifting solutions, baggage handlers can now lift heavy bags without putting their health at risk. The benefits of our solutions are numerous, including reduced work-related injuries, and improved productivity. We understand the importance of a safe and efficient baggage handling process, and that’s why we have created solutions that can help lift your business.

Contact us today and let us help you take control of the baggage handling process!

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