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TAWI USA is a partner to rely on, with the ability to deliver complete lifting solutions. A sustainable and trusted company, to both employees and customers.

How TAWI became market leader in light lifting

  • 1923
  • 1940
  • 1980
  • 1989
  • 1997-1999
  • 2017
  • 2020
  • 2023 - 100th Anniversary


TAWI has an old history. The company was registered in 1923 as Tage Wiberg limited company. Originally it was a manufacturing company within the Swedish steel industry.


In the 1940’s the company was acquired by Gunnebo, one of the largest competitors at the time. Folke Wilhelmsson became manager.


The company moved from Gothenburg to Kungsbacka and Leif Emblad took over as CEO after his father. Oil trading became the new business focus, along with screw locking mechanism. The business was prosperous until the oil crisis hit.


In 1989 Convacor, manufacturer of VacuMyggan vacuum lifter, was acquired. TAWI launched the vacuum lifter on the international market, starting the journey to become market leader in manual lifting equipment.


Protema and Lyftman were acquired in 1997, adding lifting trolleys and crane systems to the product range. Through innovation of new lifting equipment, like the unique wire hoist, TAWI could now deliver complete lifting systems, setting the company apart from competitors.


After 37 years of successful leadership, Leif Emblad sold the company to SEB Private Equity. Thomas Bräutigam was appointed new CEO and Christer Nilsson became Chairman of the Board. The first year with new owners and management resulted in strong international growth and innovative product development. The journey continues.

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In January 2020 TAWI Group was acquired by Piab Group. Thomas Bräutigam, CEO of TAWI Group says: “Piab´s long history of innovation in vacuum technology and global market access will allow for TAWI to further strengthen its offer to customers in need of smart and ergonomic lifting solutions. By joining the Piab Group, TAWI joins an excellent global company, a leading innovator in the vacuum technology market and together we will strengthen our leading position in the semi-automatic lifting market.”

2023 - 100th Anniversary

2023 marks the TAWI brand’s 100th anniversary.

The TAWI brand represents 100 years of innovations, transformations and partnerships. At Piab Lifting Automation, we call it 100 years of smart lifting. With exploration, leadership and commitment at heart, we are ready to embrace what the next 100 years hold.


Get to know the people steering TAWI to future success.
Thomas Bräutigam

Thomas Bräutigam


Managing global companies for decades, Thomas has vast experience of growing businesses on international markets. Applying his expertise on TAWI, Thomas is determined to expand business through sustainable growth.

Michael Lee

President, TAWI USA

Mike started with Tawi as a salesman in 1992. 27 years later he is considered the most experienced person in vacuum lifting technology in the United States. Mike leads our North American team with personnel in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Sacramento, Chicago and Canada.

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