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Plastic bags

TAWI offers a wide range of vacuum bag lifters that easily and safely can lift and transport your plastic bags, without risking harm to the operator or to the contents of the plastic bag.

  • Eliminates manual lifting.
  • Safe grip provides dependable.
  • Great return on your investment.

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Your lifter for handling plastic bags

Plastic sack lifting with vacuum lift

Multi-functional lifter

Multi-functional lifter

Our most versatile vacuum lifter has the ability to lift goods of all shapes and sizes up to 600 lbs effortlessly and efficiently.

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Man Lifting plastic bag with mobiel handhold order picker

Order Picker

Order Picker

Mobile vacuum lifter for efficient order picking and logistic handling of goods weighing up to 175 lbs.

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lifting bale with stainless steel vacuum lifter

Stainless steel lifter

Stainless steel lifter

Stainless steel vacuum lifters can hold loads weighing up to 600 lbs.

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Mobile high frequency lifter

Mobile high frequency lifter

The Mobile High Frequency Lifter is a versatile lifting solution that combines the high frequency vacuum lifter capabilities with a mobile lifting solution for container loading and unloading.

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Easy and safe handling of plastic bags

Plastic bags often have different types of surfaces and dimensions, which makes gripping them awkward. Our bag lifters eliminate this challenge and reduces the risk of workplace injuries, making for a productive and efficient operation.

Ergonomic & fast handling

The increased risk of injury that comes with manually handling plastic bags can also lead to increased insurance costs and lowered productivity. A TAWI vacuum lifter allows anyone the ability to lift most types of air tight plastic bags in a safe, efficient, and more cost-effective manner. Using our bag lifters will eliminate the backbreaking effort involved from repetitive manual handling. Implementing a TAWI vacuum bag lifter into your operations will also change any two-person jobs to a one-person job, allowing your employees to easily manage the task of bag lifting in less time, with less effort, and less risk.

A TAWI vacuum lifter is available in 9 standard models, handling up to 600 lbs, but can be customized to meet your operational needs, and to fit within your specific environment as well as your budget. The pump on the vacuum lifter that powers the system can also be placed up to 30 meters from the actual lifting point, and the lifting tube swivels to allow for a full 360 degrees of operation. For sensitive environments with strict operational requirements, all of our vacuum bag lifters can be designed in stainless steel.

Order picking of plastic bags

In addition, a TAWI Mobile Order Picker will allow you to quickly pick bags that weigh up to 175lbs from pallet racks, when mobility is crucial. For example, you can pick bags of ingredients that need to go into a hopper by attaching the Mobile Order Picker to any forklift or pallet jack, driving it from pallet rack to pallet rack, while picking the bags you need effortlessly. Place them onto the pallet and drive on to the next rack for the next bag of ingredients you may need. This bag lifter can be adapted to your requirements, ensuring an efficient workflow, safe for both operators and goods.

All of our bag lifters are very user-friendly and equipped with an ergonomic handle to ensure a good working position at all times. The unique handle lets the operator control the lifting speed using just one hand, guaranteeing accurate and safe lifting. There is minimum amount of training required for handling these bag lifters too, enabling users to get up and running within minutes.

Engineered for an efficient process

TAWI bag lifters meet the highest standards for all industries and have been carefully designed to reflect the requirements of real-life operations. Suction feet  can be equipped with a rubber skirt to compensate for any air leakage when handling porous packaging material. The suction foot also holds plastic bags securely in place until it has reached the floor, even if power is lost, with a safety valve that shuts down the equipment and lowers the bag gently and under complete control.

Our bag lifters give all operators the ability to have precise and weightless control of even the heaviest, most cumbersome plastic bag. This makes it is easier to achieve workplace diversity, since all workers can lift the same loads, no matter what their size or strength is.

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