Safe and easy lifting of paper bags

TAWI offers cost-efficient and ergonomic lifting solutions for handling paper bags safely and easily.

  • Lift heavy paper bags repeatedly, with ease.
  • Secure grip on every bag for reliable, efficient lifting.
  • Receive a huge return on your investment.

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Your lifter for handling paper bags

TAWI VacuEasylift

Multi-functional lifter

Multi-functional lifter

This multi-functional vacuum lifter is our most versatile tool, with the ability to lift goods of all shapes and sizes up to 600 lbs effortlessly and efficiently.

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ATEX vacuum lifter

Explosion Proof Lifter

Explosion Proof Lifter

Lifting solutions for environments that are classified as hazardous areas

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Mobile Order Picker VC40

Order Picker

Order Picker

Mobile vacuum lifter for efficient order picking and logistic handling for goods weighing up to 175 lbs.

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Articulating jib arm

High frequency lifter

High frequency lifter

Efficient and high speed vacuum lifter for goods weighing up to 110 lbs.

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Everyone can handle heavy bags with TAWI lifters, increasing flexibility and ensuring that the production never stands still.

Jonas Eriksson

Production manager, Bakels Aromatic, Sweden

Ergonomic handling of paper bags

Lifting paper bags safely and efficiently requires precision and strength. A TAWI bag lifter can provide both of these necessities while also saving you money.

Fast, easy and effortless bag lifter

Manually lifting paper bags can create a financial strain on your business and a physical one on your employees. TAWI provides various vacuum lifters and mobile lifters, that are designed to reduce or eliminate workplace injuries as well as increase productivity at your facility. Using our vacuum bag lifter allows anyone to lift most types of paper bags that weigh up to 600 lbs in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner. Lifting that previously required two or more employees can be easily managed by a single employee in less time, with less effort, and less risk. A TAWI Mobile Order Picker on the other hand can easily move within your work space, and is the ideal solution when order picking. This bag lifter can attach to any kind of forklift and will allow you to efficiently pick goods on a pallet and quickly move from rack to rack as well as give you the ability to drive the lifter into a container in order to unload bags.

Do your operations have to follow strict requirements? That is no problem at all. TAWI offers bag lifters for clean room facilities, hazardous areas and other sensitive environments. Lift bags containing all kinds of substances, with absolute ease.

User-friendly and easy to move

There is a very minimum amount of training required for handling a TAWI bag lifter, so you can get up and running in no time at all. It uses vacuum technology to grip and hold paper bags using specially designed suction feet, as well as to lift and lower them to the right position.

The adjustable ergonomic handle on the bag lifter also allows you to pick up a bag from above shoulder height, while still maintaining an ergonomic position. It also lets you control the lifting speed with just one hand, guaranteeing accurate and safe handling while in a comfortable working position. The pump on these bag lifters that powers the system can be placed up to 30 meters from the actual lifting point, and the lifting tube can swivel to allow for a full 360 degrees of operation.

Efficient workflow

TAWI bag lifters are robust and reliable tools that make lifting paper bags easy, for everyone. No matter your size or strength, our vacuum lifters will make for an efficient workflow within your operations. They are always designed with the operator in mind, and therefore provide time-saving and ergonomic solutions for lifting and moving, without damaging the contents inside of the bag.

A bag lifter is also easy to implement into your workflow, requiring little maintenance. Increasing productivity my making lifting easy, relieving employees from strenuous lifting, and giving everyone the power to lift, ensures continuous productivity. Because of this, a TAWI  bag lifter will be a great return on your investment.

Our lifting solutions can be customized to suit your specific application, locale, or budgetary constraint. Contact us and we will customize a bag lifter to fit your needs.

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