Handling open boxes is safe and easy with a TAWI lifter

TAWI offers a wide range of vacuum lifting products to facilitate the efficient handling and lifting of open boxes.

  • Side and top lifting ability.
  • Accurate, secure grip and positioning.
  • Can be adjusted to suit various box sizes and shapes.

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Box lifting with multifunctional vacuum lifter

Multi-functional lifter

Multi-functional lifter

Our most versatile vacuum lifter has the ability to lift goods of all shapes and sizes up to 600 lbs effortlessly and efficiently.

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Producto - Carretillas elevadoras estándar y a medida

Lifting trolleys

Lifting trolleys

Lift and move rolls, drums, containers and more, that weigh up to 550 lbs, effortlessly.

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lifting boxes with mobile order picker

Order Picker

Order Picker

Mobile vacuum lifter for efficient order picking and logistic handling of goods weighing up to 175 lbs.

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An ergonomic solution for lifting open boxes

Moving sealed boxes is one thing, but lifting or moving opened boxes requires a very flexible approach. Our lifting solutions enable both top gripping of boxes as well as secure and accurate side lifting where top lifting is not possible.

Solution to handling open boxes

The TAWI VacuMove can be designed in a wide range of variations to allow for safe and secure handling of open boxes, no matter their shape or size. This box lifting solution enables both top gripping on opened flaps and side gripping when flaps have been removed, or when top gripping is not possible for other reasons. Like all TAWI vacuum lifters, this particular solution can be customized to suit your specific needs and to enable the most efficient and productive workflow. Protecting both the content of opened boxes as well as the safety of your employees, a TAWI vacuum lifting system ensures maximum flexibility and maximum performance.

A TAWI vacuum box lifter gives your employees the ability to handle open boxes faster and more securely than ever before. Boxes weighing up to 600 lbs can be lifted with suction feet placed above the box on opened flaps, or from the sides with two suction cups, one on either side of the box. Suction cups can easily be adjusted to be placed at different positions along the tool, enabling easy lifting of open boxes.

Safe and secure handling

Our open box lifters are designed to ensure that the vacuum lifter is always positioned in the center of the box, guaranteeing maximum stability and safety. TAWI open box solutions are designed specifically for open boxes and can be customized to suit your workflow or physical requirements.

Lifting should be easy and safe in all working conditions, for both the operator and the goods. No matter if you’re lifting hazardous materials or sensitive products that need to meet sanitary requirements, TAWI provides Explosion Proof and Stainless Steel lifters to ensure maximum safety in these particular environments.

Most versatile box lifter

Typically used in manufacturing and mechanical processing, warehouses and distribution terminals, the VacuMove is our most versatile vacuum box lifter. This robust and reliable tool makes lifting easy, for everyone. No matter your size or strength, our vacuum lifters will make lifting open boxes easy and efficient. Investing in a box lifter from TAWI will not just speed up your workflow, but also save your workers from putting strain on their bodies that is usually caused from repetitive box lifting. Also, what was once a two-man job can typically be carried out now by one operator. Using a vacuum lifter for handling open boxes will help your operations achieve a combination of efficiency and ergonomics that will boost your business.

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