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Mount your rolls with ease

Looking for a smart solution to mount rolls on a machine axis? Look no further. Innovative tools from TAWI USA make lifting rolls and placing them on a machine axis easy, effortless and efficient.

  • Optimal precision with QuickLoad.
  • Tilt and turn rolls to exact position.
  • Grip rolls from core or from the sides.

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Find your solution to mounting rolls onto a machine axis

Man moving roll with lifting trolley

Lifting trolleys

Lifting trolleys

Lift and move rolls, drums, containers and more, that weigh up to 550 lbs, effortlessly.

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Stainless steel lifting trolley with drum lifting tool

Stainless steel lifting trolleys

Stainless steel lifting trolleys

Mobile stainless steel lifters, ideal for handling goods that have strict sanitary requirements. For goods weighing up to 550 lbs.

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man lifting cannisters with wire hoist

High speed wire hoist

High speed wire hoist

High speed electric hoist handling a variety of goods weighing up to 265 lbs with great precision and ease.

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Efficient and ergonomic mounting of rolls

Are you mounting rolls onto a machine axis? Lift them effortlessly and put them in place with precision.

Precise roll handling

Mounting rolls on a machine axis requires perfect precision. TAWI Lifting Trolleys offer tools that do the job for you. Choose between tools that grip the roll from the core or from the sides, depending on your needs. The QuickLoad function automatically stops the lifter at exactly the right height, making it easy to push the roll on to the axis. A roller boom safely holds the roll until the boom hits the machine axis. Small cylinders on the boom lets you push the roll onto the axis with minimal effort.

Easy and ergonomic lifting

Lift rolls weighing up to 550 lbs safely and easily with TAWI lifters. Tall, tilted handles ensure an ergonomic position for anyone operating the trolley, regardless of how tall they are. High quality wheels ensure the trolley is easy to push and turn. A user-friendly hand control lets the operator control the load without letting go of the trolley. Lifting and mounting rolls with a TAWI lifter is effortless and ergonomic.

Specific requirements

Working in a hazardous or clean room environment? Or limited by other restrictions? In addition to a standard selection of stainless steel models, we provide customized solutions to meet specific industry requirements. We modify tools to fit your industry and your business.

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