lifting cheese with vacuum lifter lifting cheese with vacuum lifter lifting blocks of cheese with handheld stainless steel vacuum lifter

Lift dairy products with stainless-steel lifters

Handling dairy products in a sensitive environment? Lift anything from blocks of cheese to milk cartons, effortless and ergonomic, with lifters that fulfil your requirements on cleanliness.

  • Safely grip blocks of cheese with vacuum.
  • Lift, move, tilt or rotate all types of containers.
  • Optimal cleanliness with stainless-steel lifters.

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Find your dairy lifter

stainless steel food lifter

Stainless steel lifter

Stainless steel lifter

Stainless steel vacuum lifters can hold loads weighing up to 600 lbs.

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Stainless steel lifting trolley with drum lifting tool

Stainless steel lifting trolleys

Stainless steel lifting trolleys

Mobile stainless steel lifters, ideal for handling goods that have strict sanitary requirements. For goods weighing up to 550 lbs.

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Stainless steel jib crane

Stainless steel jib crane

Stainless steel jib crane for use in strict sanitary environments

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Efficient lifting in dairy production

Effortless lifting of milk, cheese and other dairy products helps speed up workflow and reduce the strain on employees. TAWI lifters can handle pretty much any dairy product, packed or unpacked.

Flexible solutions for efficient operations
Through flexible lifting systems that are easily adaptable to different conditions, we help food industries worldwide streamline their workflow. TAWI lifters are designed to make lifting easy, no matter where you are, who you are, or what you need to lift.

Our stainless-steel vacuum lifters handle big blocks of cheese without compromising sanitary requirements. Thanks to a wide selection of suction feet, the same vacuum lifters can also be used to lift milk cartons, bags of mixing ingredients, or empty pallets. The vacuum lifters offer full flexibility and optimal safety in food production, lifting up to 270 kg.

Mobility and more
Need to move raw material into production, or transport ready products from the production line? Move safe and easy with TAWI Lifting Trolleys. Handling up to 250 kg, these robust trolleys are ideal for taking products to and from the production line with minimal effort and optimal safety. The lifters can be equipped with various gripping tools, fork tools or platforms to safely lift and hold your load. Of course, they are available in stainless steel, ideal for cleanroom environment.

Flexibility in food production
Using smart lifting tools helps create an ergonomic and efficient work environment where everyone can lift. Giving everyone the power to handle heavy lifting increases flexibility in the workforce, reducing the risk of unnecessary downtime. Flexibility through smart lifting means healthy employees and increased productivity.

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