vacuum gripper lifting large metal sheet lifting metal sheet with vacuum gripper and hoist metal sheet lifted with vacuum

Lift and handle metal sheets with vaccum

Do you lift and move metal sheets regularly? Handling heavy metal sheets is easier than ever before with the TAWI vacuum grippers.

  • Maximum speed with minimal effort.
  • Secure grip for efficient, reliable lifting.
  • Tilt and rotate up to 180 degrees.

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Stor träskiva lyfts med hjälp av en vakuumdriven skivlyft

Panel Lifter

Panel Lifter

The ergonomic and user-friendly TAWI Grip sheet gripper has a compact design that is adaptable to fit your needs and can grip goods weighing up to 1,100 lbs.

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Multi-functional lifter

Multi-functional lifter

Our most versatile vacuum lifter has the ability to lift goods of all shapes and sizes up to 600 lbs effortlessly and efficiently.

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Ergonomics and efficiency

Whether you are a manufacturer, fabricator or installer, lifting, moving and positioning sheet metal is always a challenge. TAWI’s vacuum lifters provide an efficient, cost-effective and secure method of meeting this challenge, with a complete line of sheet lifting equipment engineered to meet a variety of dimensional, capacity and application requirements.

Vacuum handling sheets of metal makes them virtually weightless and easy to handle, tilt, rotate and move to any desired location. Sheet metal lifting with vacuum is also a very safe way of handling these heavy objects, providing a secure engagement of the load that will not come lose and endanger employees.

A more effective, productive and secure working environment

Both magnetic and non-magnetic metals can be handled without the damage to the load that comes from using hooks, chains, or clamps. In addition, a TAWI vacuum lifter gives you perfect control, uses less power, and leaves no residual magnetism.

With TAWI vacuum grippers a single operator can easily and ergonomically lift, tilt and rotate sheet metals up to 500 kg horizontally and up to 250 kg vertically. You can choose between a pneumatic or electric vacuum source and all functions are controlled with a single integrated ergonomic handle for smooth and safe operation.

Save time and increase profit

A TAWI vacuum lifter solution helps lift and manipulate heavy materials without excessive strain to the user, and facilitates a range of movements, from simply moving materials from one place to another in upright or flat positions to providing touch-of-a-button tilt and rotation. The increased lifting capacity and reduced downtime between lifts provides a boost to productivity in addition to reducing workplace injuries.

Whatever the job requirement, a TAWI vacuum lifter can help you move sheet metal quickly and effortlessly, reducing the time and cost of getting metals sheets from where they are to where you want them to be.

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