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Secure & high speed box lifting

Speed up box handling in your facility with a high speed TAWI VacuCobra

  • Maximum speed with minimal effort.
  • Steady grip on every box for reliable lifting.
  • One-handed box handling for optimal movement.
  • Grip boxes from the top or the side, up to 110 lbs.

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Lifting parcels from conveyor to pallet

High frequency lifter

High frequency lifter

Efficient and high speed vacuum lifter for boxes and packaged goods weighing up to 140 lbs.

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lifting boxes with mobile order picker

Order Picker

Order Picker

Mobile vacuum lifter for efficient order picking and logistic handling for goods weighing up to 175 lbs.

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VacuMove multifunctional vacuum lifter
In total you save time by using the vacuum lifter since you can keep an even pace throughout the day.

Henrik Westerdahl

Storeman, Systembolaget, Sweden

High speed vacuum box lifter

When it comes to loading and unloading boxes speed is everything. With a TAWI VacuCobra, you can streamline your box handling like never before, enhancing your operational workflow.

More efficient logistics

A high frequency box lifter will speed up your workflow, protect your employees and make your business more flexible. The TAWI VacuCobra is ergonomically designed and best suited for fast paced distribution centers where optimum speed and safety is necessary to keep the operation working efficiently.

Operators can effortlessly grip boxes of all shapes and sizes, from the top or the side, weighing up to 110 lbs, and release them precisely to where the boxes need to be. No matter if you’re loading or unloading packaged goods, this high speed vacuum lifter will make the job effortless, efficient and ergonomic. The user-friendly handle allows the ability to pick up boxes using just one hand, easily controlling the lifting height with your fingertips. The control can be quickly adjusted from the right to left side of the handle to accompany left or right handed operators as well.In addition, operators can turn boxes if needed, and quickly release them in the exact position where they need it to be. Higher precision is achieved by adding a swivel function integrated in both the top and bottom of the tube lifter. A 360 degree rotation of the suction cup then makes it easy to position goods without putting strain on a worker’s body. Both the swivel and angle adapter ensures full freedom of motion when gripping boxes. With an integrated angle adapter, it is possible to lift from the top, the side and rotate without operator adjustments.

Safety in the workplace

Vacuum assisted lifting enables your employees to lift boxes at the same speed as by hand, but without straining their backs typically caused by repetitive manual lifting as well as avoiding the risk of injury. And for operations with continuous box handling, TAWI’s VacuCobra makes it easier to lift heavy boxes hour after hour, efficiently and safely, maintaining the most efficient workflow all day, every day.

Even the smallest employee can handle heavy boxes, no matter their strength, quickly and efficiently.

Customized to your specific needs

No two operations are identical. That’s why we have made TAWI lifters to be as flexible as possible, allowing them to be completely customized to suit your specific needs. TAWI vacuum lifters can be installed in either fixed or mobile crane systems, tailored to your facility, and integrated into your existing workflow. This adaptable system gives you the freedom to move wherever you need and to ensure optimal box handling both now and in the future.

Fast box handling can be achieved much easier, than ever before. Simply grip and lift, quickly and effortlessly, using a high speed TAWI VacuCobra.


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