Vacuum Lift seaport terminal Lifting baggage at airport terminal An employee using a vacuum lifter to help load and unload bags and other cargo Vacuum lifter for lifting baggage at an airport

Efficient baggage handling

  • Minimize work related strain injuries with ergonomic baggage handling system
  • Reduce more than 80% of the load on your body
  • Increase productivity
  • Minimize damaged goods with this airport baggage handler
  • Safe and user friendly baggage lift

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Male warehouse worker using a TAWI vacuum lifter to palletize boxes

High frequency lifter

High frequency lifter

Efficient and high speed vacuum lifter for handling boxes and packaged goods weighing up to 140 lbs.

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Man lifting suitcase using handheld vacuum lifter
Reduced strain injuries and an easier workday
"The lifter is a real benefit for everyone. The solution reduces the strain on the body, is easy to use and works with any bag"

Sam Streak

Baggage handler/team leader, ASIG at Heathrow Airport

Ergonomic baggage handling

The flexibility of TAWIs baggage lift allows it to grip almost any type of bag. No matter the fabric or size, it will lift bags up to 70 lbs in gauge, and out of gauge (OOG) environments up to 132 lbs. The angle adapter allows the operator to angle the suction foot at ninety degrees to pick up bags from the side and the swivel allows for the baggage to rotate 360°. These built in features allow a wide variety of baggage to be handled safely and efficiently.

Baggage handler helps airports and cruise ports become more efficient

Using vacuum technology, the baggage lift is able to transform heavy manual work into light user-friendly tasks. Whether retrofitted in an existing infrastructure or included in the design for luggage or cargo handling in a new terminal, TAWI’s lifting equipment will provide helpful solutions. User-friendly and ergonomic emphasizing safety at work, they make light of otherwise back-breaking lifting work.

Airport baggage handling systems

lifting heavy luggage with handheld vacuum lifterBaggage handling at airports is typically a combination of automated and manual handling, often in areas with low headroom and limited available working space. The automated handling system takes checked baggage from the ticket counter, through security screening and delivers it sorted, by flight, to either a chute or conveyor where the baggage is then manually loaded into different kinds of ULDs (Unit Load Device) or open carts. This manual lifting often results in work related repetitive strain injuries with decreasing work tempo and high sick absence. Improve the working environment and gain efficiency with a TAWI baggage handling system.

Improved work environment and safety at Ceres Cruise Port Terminals

TAWI has developed and implemented solutions to solve the manual lifting problems of baggage at cruise port terminals. The results are efficient vacuum lifting equipment that increase productivity and minimize the risk for repetitive work related strain injuries. TAWI lifting equipment allow unique and flexible solutions where ceiling height, narrow and confined areas with limited available working space may be an issue. Our patented low headroom equipment is one example of how TAWI provides our users with lifting safety and innovative answers to challenging environments.

How a luggage handling system can lift your business

Existing users of TAWI baggage lifters have highlighted increased productivity,  improved workplace safety and reduced number of injuries. Independent studies show that the load on the body is reduced by more than 80% with added bonus of maintained or increased productivity. We’re extremely proud to have created a solution that helps every single baggage handler to eliminate their physical pain, all thanks to TAWI’s ergonomic luggage solution.

Take control of baggage handling today

TAWIs baggage lift assist is an innovative way to take control of baggage handling. The benefits users reports include reduced work-related injuries, such as a lower shoulder and back pain from lifting, improved workplace safety and increased efficiency.

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