VacuCobra high frequency lifting

High frequency lifter

The TAWI VacuCobra is ergonomically designed and best suited for high speed lifting. It is a versatile lifting aid for high frequency distribution centers where fast and ergonomic lifting is necessary.

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High frequency operations

High speed material handling can be achieved much easier, than ever before. Simply grip and lift, quickly and effortlessly with a dependable TAWI lifting solution.

  • Lifting capacity: <110 lbs
  • Lifting speed: 0-1 m/s
  • Stroke: 1590-1680 mm

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High speed lifting

The TAWI VacuCobra has a one-handed grip and easy to operate, allowing an operator the ability to maintain a high lifting frequency without any strain on their body. It is the ideal solution for end of the line packing.

  • High speed box lifting
  • Grip boxes from the top or the side
  • User-friendly, one-handed control handle
  • Customized suction feet to fit your specific boxes
  • Rotate boxes 360°
  • Suction feet can be customized to fit your needs
  • Available in stainless steel for easy cleaning
  • Effortlessly grip goods from the top and release precisely where they need to be
  • Fast and efficient box handling
  • Customized suction feet to suit your particular needs
  • Boxes can be rotated 360° and released precisely where you need it to be

Product Details

Our most speedy lifter, the TAWI VacuCobra is available in 4 models with lifting capacity from 45-110 lbs.

*TAWI vacuum lifters have new model names from March 2018, old names in brackets.

Lifting capacity45 lbs
Hose diameter80 mm
Lifting speed0-1 m/s
Max length lift tube2100 mm
Stroke1680 mm
VacuCobra VC20 high speed vacuum lifter
Lifting capacity75 lbs
Hose diameter100 mm
Lifting speed0-1 m/s
Max length lift tube2100 mm
Stroke1615 mm
VacuCobra VC35 high speed lifter
VacuCobra VC35 stainless steel lifter
VacuCobra VC35 with adapter
Lifting capacity90 lbs
Hose diameter1210 mm
Lifting speed0-1 m/s
Max length lift tube2100 mm
Stroke1615 mm
VacuCobra high speed lifter
VacuCobra VC40 high speed box lifter
VacuCobra VC40 high frequency box lifter
Lifting capacity110 lbs
Hose diameter140 mm
Lifting speed0-1 m/s
Max length lift tube2100 mm
Stroke1590 mm
VacuCobra high speed lifter
VacuCobra VC50 side lift
VacuCobra VC50 side lifter

High speed lifting for a high speed workflow

Does the speed of your workflow need to be enhanced? A high-speed TAWI lifter generates an efficient and effortless workflow.

This accelerated vacuum lifter can pick up boxes of all shapes and sizes, securely gripping them from the top or from the side. No matter if you’re loading or unloading packaged goods, a TAWI VacuCobra will make the job effortless, efficient and ergonomic. The user-friendly handle allows the ability to pick up goods using just one hand, easily controlling the lifting height with your fingertips. The control can be quickly adjusted from the right to left side of the handle to accompany left or right handed operators.

Another action that is easier with a high-speed VacuCobra, is loading or unloading pallets. Operators can pick goods from the top or from the side, turn the goods if needed and quickly release them in the exact position where you need it. Higher precision is achieved by adding a swivel function integrated in both the top and bottom of the tube lifter. A 360
degree rotation of the suction cup then makes it easy to position goods without putting strain on a worker’s body. Both the swivel and angle adapter ensures full freedom of motion when gripping goods. With an integrated angle adapter it is possible to lift from the top, the side and rotate without operator adjustments.

The suction feet used to grip goods is available in many shapes and sizes and can also be custom made to fit your needs. Boxes are the most common goods lifted by the TAWI VacuCobra, but food industry clients have also integrated it into lifting blocks, cheese, meat, milk cartons or even wine boxes. It is the ideal lifting solution for distribution centers and
logistic areas with a warehouse system.

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