Lifting and moving plastic sack using handheld vacuum lifter

Vacuum Lifters

TAWI vacuum lifters are designed to make lifting efficient, ergonomic and safe for everyone. Use our vacuum lifters to speed up the manual handling of goods and save employees from straining lifts.

Customized lifter

Customized lifter

Customized lifting solutions to meet your specific needs for lifting goods up to 600 lbs.

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Stor träskiva lyfts med hjälp av en vakuumdriven skivlyft

Panel Lifter

Panel Lifter

The ergonomic and user-friendly TAWI Grip sheet gripper has a compact design that is adaptable to fit your needs and can grip goods weighing up to 1,100 lbs.

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Lifting open boxes with handhold VacuEasylift

Multi-functional lifter

Multi-functional lifter

Our most versatile vacuum lifter has the ability to lift goods of all shapes and sizes up to 600 lbs effortlessly and efficiently.

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Male warehouse worker using a TAWI vacuum lifter to palletize boxes

High frequency lifter

High frequency lifter

Efficient and high speed vacuum lifter for handling boxes and packaged goods weighing up to 140 lbs.

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lifting bale with stainless steel vacuum lifter

Stainless steel lifter

Stainless steel lifter

Stainless steel vacuum lifters can hold loads weighing up to 600 lbs.

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ATEX vacuum lifter lifting drum

Explosion Proof Lifter

Explosion Proof Lifter

Vacuum lift systems for environments that are classified as hazardous areas

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Two men lifting paper sack with food using handhold vacuum lifter

Vacuum lift systems

Vacuum lifters use vacuum power to grip and lift loads. The vacuum technology offers sustainable, safe and efficient handling of most types of goods. Vacuum lift systems make lifting easy for everyone, regardless of their size, strength, or gender.

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Increase efficiency, safety and ergonomics with vacuum lifters

Ergonomic vacuum lifting equipment can revolutionize material handling in your business. The TAWI Multi-functional lifter is the leading vacuum lifting device in the industry. It will lift, lower, move and turn most types of goods that weigh up to 600 lbs, in all possible environments, and in all working conditions.

What is the maximum weight which is safe for the vacuum lifter to pick?

Vacuum lifters come in different sizes, able to lift different weights. The wider the lift tube diameter, the heavier goods you can lift. TAWI offers vacuum lifters handling up to 595 lbs. However, the maximum lifting capacity also differs depending on the goods you need to lift. A more permeable load means reduced lifting capacity.

How does a TAWI vacuum lift system work?

TAWI vacuum lift systems use vacuum technology to grip and lift your load. Suction feet adapted for the load you need to lift ensures an air-tight seal between the load and the lifter. This ensures a safe grip of the load throughout the handling process. A vacuum pump or ejector pump is used to create vacuum between the suction cups and the workpiece. The operator can easily adjust lifting height by regulating the vacuum level through the control handle. This type of suction lifting is safe and kind to both operator and goods. The suction cups grip and hold the load securely without damaging it, and the operator can safely lift heavy loads without physical strain.

Learn more about vacuum lifters and how they work here.

User-friendly and safe vacuum lifting devices

Our lifters are always designed with the operator in mind. The multifunctional lifter is user-friendly with an ergonomic handle that helps ensure a good working position for the operator. The operator can easily pick up goods with no physical effort. Additionally, handling difficult and heavy goods such as large wooden panels or car tires, is just as easy using a vacuum lift assist. No heavy lifting and no uncomfortable strain on the body means no more aching shoulders, backs and knees.

Vacuum technology secures safe lifting without risk of damaging goods or the person lifting them. Gripping loads with a vacuum lifter entails a suction foot that can easily lift bags, boxes, pails and so much more. A TAWI Multi-functional lifter can be customized with a wide selection of suction feet to meet your specific needs. This is our guarantee that we can help you lift whatever you need to lift.

Flexible and versatile vacuum lift systems

TAWI vacuum lifters allow everyone the ability to lift without effort, no matter their size. Giving everyone the power to lift increases workforce flexibility, making it easy for employees to switch between work stations. Add a quick coupling and you can easily use the same lifter for more than one application, switching between different suction feet in no time. A flexible handle makes it easy to reach high without straining your back or shoulders.

TAWI multifunctional lifter lifts just about anything. You may choose between 12 models for lifting bags, boxes, sheets, panels, crates, bales, drums and much more, up to 600 lbs. A wide selection of handles and suction feet helps customize the lifter to meet your needs. Lift from the top, from the side, or whatever suits your needs.

Safe handling with vacuum lifting devices

Lifting should be easy and safe in all possible working conditions, for both the operator and the goods. A vacuum lifter is a safe and reliable tool commonly used in manufacturing and mechanical processing, warehouses and distribution terminals. It is also available for explosion proof facilities as well as stainless steel models, which are ideal for industries with high sanitary requirements, such as the food and pharmaceutical industry.

TAWI vacuum lifters are robust and reliable tools that make lifting easy, for everyone. No matter who you are or what you need to lift, our vacuum lifters will make lifting easy and efficient. What was once a two-man job can often be carried out by one operator when incorporating a TAWI vacuum lifter into your workflow. Using one of our vacuum lifters for your lifting needs will help your operations achieve a combination of efficiency and ergonomics that will boost your business.

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