vacuum gripping tool

Vacuum Gripper

A pneumatic vacuum gripper can easily grip big sheets using vacuum power. The vacuum holds the sheet safely while you move, lift, tilt or rotate the sheet.

Our large sheet handling solutions

sheet vacuum gripper

Sheet gripper

Sheet gripper

The ergonomic and user-friendly TAWI Grip sheet gripper has a compact design that is adaptable to fit your needs and can grip goods weighing up to 1,100 lbs.

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Easily grip large sheets using vacuum power

The TAWI vacuum gripper allows you the ability to easily handle big sheets of wood, metal, glass, laminate, plastic, etc., with minimum effort and optimum precision.

  • Tilt up to 180°
  • Pneumatic Vacuum Source or Electric Vacuum Source.
  • Safe, two-handed release function
  • Visual control of the vacuum level
  • Easy-to-use control board
  • Twin chamber vacuum system
  • Lightweight design

Vacuum gripping for efficient sheet handling

Increase your operational productivity and lower costs with a dependable and easy to use vacuum gripper. Lift, tilt and rotate large sheets with minimum effort and maximum precision.

How a vacuum gripper works

Vacuum grippers use vacuum technology to grip and hold loads to ensure safe and ergonomic lifting. TAWI’s vacuum gripper has several suction cups distributed on a yoke. The size of the yoke and the number of suction cups depend on the size of the load. Our vacuum grippers are typically used to lift large sheets of metal, glass or other solid materials. By using several suction cups evenly distributed over the workload, the gripper will make sure the load can be handled steadily with minimal physical effort.

Sheet handling with vacuum gripper

Our vacuum gripper makes sheet handling easy and efficient, allowing you to grip and lift sheets of glass, metal, laminate, plastic or wood up to 1,100 lbs, and its ergonomic and light weight design makes this vacuum gripper easy for the operator to use with minimum effort. You can achieve high productivity by using maximum energy with exceptional pick-up and speed system when lifting (tilting) vertically using a TAWI vacuum gripper.

TAWI’s vacuum gripper is a safe and reliable lifter for materials with air tight surface and semi-airtight surfaces. Windows can be picked up from a vertical position, tilted to horizontal position and placed where they need to be, safely. Wood panels can also be lifted and turned 180 degrees by just one person. Suction cups can be adapted to your specific load and tools can be custom made to meet your every need. The tilt and turn functionality can be customized to suit your workflow and requirements. Ergonomic design minimizes the risk of straining or injury.

Vacuum gripper benefits

A vacuum gripper allows for just one person to ergonomically lift sheets that would normally require two people. No matter your size or strength, everyone can lift sheets using a TAWI vacuum gripper. Giving every employee the power to lift heavy sheets increases workforce flexibility and productivity. In addition, the ergonomic hand control ensures a good working position, protecting the operator from straining their back or shoulders.

You can choose between a pneumatic vacuum source and an electric vacuum source, both contributing to improved efficiency. The system is easy to integrate into your workflow and ideal for many types of industries and applications. Sheet and panel lifters are important lifting aids in many industries and in many types of manufacturing processes.  No matter what type of sheet material you are lifting, you can lift it effortlessly. In addition, TAWI provides Hoists to combine with a vacuum gripper, that will help streamline your material handling and keep your employees safe.

Ergonomic lifting aids from TAWI offer ways to keep employees safe, decrease on-the-job injuries, help employees stay effective, speed up the production process, as well as save your business time and money. Our systems are all easy to integrate into your current operational workflow because they are all user-friendly and require little maintenance. A TAWI vacuum gripper can provide flexible material handling solutions that reduce energy consumption, achieve faster response times and improve reliability for heavy loads.

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