Telescopic over head bridge cranes for lifting

Telescopic cranes

A telescopic crane system offers endless potential to reach areas that would otherwise not be possible. It is ideal for a work space within a restricted area, one with low headroom, or for reaching and grabbing goods that are inside of pallet racks.

Telescopic over head bridge crane Extended over head bridge crane Telescopic overhead crane system Telescopic steel crane system

TAWI telescopic cranes

TAWI telescopic cranes allow for lifting outside the girder system, offering maximum reach.

  • Implemented with an extended telescopic arm
  • For doorways, containers, pallet racks and much more.
  • A foolproof accessory to a girder crane system

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When to use telescopic cranes

Reach into pallet racks and containers with a telescopic crane.

  • Reach beyond the work space
  • Send from one system to the next
  • Lift up to 3,300 lbs
  • Have a bridge span of up to 26 ft

Product Details

  • Lifting capactiy: <275/3,300 lbs
  • Max suspension distance: <6000/8000 mm
  • Bridge span: <6000/8000 mm
  • Profiles: LR86, LR113, LR120, LR170

Telescopic cranes - reaching outside the limits the girder

If certain material handling operations are outside the reach of a regular TAWI girder crane system, where no overhead structure exists, a telescopic arm could be the solution. As an added component to the TAWI girder crane systems, a lengthened arm in the form of a telescopic crane can be added.

There may be a situation where part of an operation needs to pass through a doorway out onto a loading bay. Or perhaps the girder crane system is linked with pallet racks. And possibly there are containers that need to be handled within the work space. Whichever the case, a telescopic arm that is attached to the girder allows the ability to reach into difficult spaces.

Additionally, the design of the telescopic arm provides endless possibilities to connect systems that normally would not have been able to accommodate one another. With a telescopic crane system, the operator is able to reach past the boundaries of the work space and transfer goods from one system to the next.

The telescopic crane system combines the overhead girder systems with a telescoping girder installed under the rails. It is implemented with a fixed suspension and trolleys with extra wheels that allow it to balance when the girder is telescoped. The system can extend up to 3 m beyond the normal boundaries of the work space. The system also contains a locking feature that steers the telescoping arm along the girder in such a way, moving the tool along the passage without bumping into the other equipment around it.

The system also has a locking feature that guides the telescoping arm along the girder in such a way, moving the tool along the passage without colliding with the surrounding equipment.

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