lifting sacks with vacuum lifter mounted in overhead crane system

Steel and aluminium profiles

TAWI lightweight crane systems with steel or aluminium profiles consist of easy installations, adaptable joints, exceptional ergonomics and user friendly operations.

steel and aluminium overhead crane system

TAWI steel and aluminium profiles

Aluminium profiles enable the construction of a truly lightweight crane system. Steel profiles and longer bridge spans on the other hand, can accommodate heavier loads. Combined systems are perfect when multiple girders will weigh down the same system, and provide the most economical solution.

  • Aluminum profiles are preferred when a quick workflow is the priority
  • Aluminium is the most economical per square meter
  • Steel profiles allow for longer bridge spans
  • Steel profiles can aid heavier loads

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When to use steel or aluminium profiles

  • Aluminium profiles give the least possible resistance during operations
  • Aluminum profiles keep the weight low
  • Stainless steel profiles for when strict sanitary requirements need to be met
  • A combination system can effortlessly move goods and also be customized for heavy loads
  • A combination system can enhance several workstations with different needs

Product Details

  • Material: aluminium or Cold rolled steel
  • Aluminium capacity: <275 lbs
  • Steel capacity: <3,300 lbs

The need for a steel or aluminium profile depends on the operational needs

TAWI provides dependable crane systems made of aluminium, steel or both and can also be customized to meet your every need.

Aluminum profiles are preferred when a quick workflow is the top priority. They guarantee a high strength to weight ratio in order for the user to carry out the operations with ease. The resulting low weight of the crane system provides ergonomic handling for the operator. Aluminium comes in its basic, natural appearance and is also the most economical for material handling of loads of up to 275 lbs.

For handling heavier loads, your system should be designed with stronger, stainless steel. Stainless steel is also best used when the operations have high sanitary requirements they need to meet, especially when handling food or chemical products. The steel profiles can handle up to 25 feet between the suspension points, a perfect solution if the roof structure, or floor area, has spatial limitations or structural constraints. The steel profiles are made from a single piece of high strength cold forming steel, which provides a strong and economical product, as well as resulting in a relatively lightweight crane system. TAWI´s fully automated powder coating line provides corrosion resistance thanks to its top quality finishing. Steel systems come standard in the TAWI blue color but can be custom colored to fit your already established operations and branding.

In other situations, a combination system may be the best solution. A supporting structure made from steel can carry out several lifting girders that are made from aluminium. The system is then structurally stable to hold several loads, yet also easily operated. The lightweight crane system can also be combined in terms of which type of aluminium and steel profiles are being used, to suit different types of work stations separately under the same girder system. The solution is easily adapted into existing your operations and no matter the configuration, TAWI’s patented lightweight crane systems always provides quiet, smooth and safe operation, guaranteeing the best working environment.

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