Overhead crane system with curved monorail modules

Monorail and curves

TAWI monorail cranes are the most economical choice when a task is carried out along one continuous line. 45° curve attachments can be added to enhance the system for your particular production line.

Monorail crane system Curved monorail overhead crane system Overhead crane system with curved monorail modules

TAWI monorail cranes and curve modules

Our monorail systems are easily custom-built because of their modular design with a choice of straight and curved sections.

  • Enhance your workflow
  • Ideal for closed systems
  • Creating a straight and accurate path
  • Gracefully avoiding barriers
  • Beneficial for production lines

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When to use monorail and curves

A TAWI monorail system will follow your current framework with great accuracy.

  • Lift along both a straight and uneven path
  • Allow the ability for transporting goods through narrow passageways
  • Be extended into a girder crane system

Product Details

  • Lifting capacity: <275/3,300 kg
  • Max suspension distance: <6000/8000 mm
  • Profiles: LR86, LR113, LR120, LR170

Monorail cranes and curve modules for fixed and accurate operations

For an accurate, controlled and steady operation, a combination of monorails and curves may enhance your workflow.

Single tracks combined with curve segments are also a solution that is frequently used when ventilation or other barriers are restricting the potential of a girder crane system. Generally, monorails are used in production lines where a worker can handle raw goods from the beginning of the line where they receive the goods, to the end of the line of the final packaging stations.

This is an enhanced solution for closed systems, allowing an operator the ability to aim high and still be in control of the monorail and curve system as they both provide an accurate operation.

No matter what the layout of your facility is, we can customize a solution to meet your needs as implemented by the modular nature of the system. Straight monorails can be combined with 45° angular modules to bypass any barriers, go through narrow entrances, and follow your current framework with great accuracy. The intent of the monorail and curve modules is to enhance the suspension system in your workflow.

The monorail can adequately provide a workflow that follows along a straight line when there is no need for a sideways transit. This simple approach is the most economical and efficient alternative for a most productive workflow.

If you’re not sure if your operations might change in the future, the modular construction always offers the possibility of expanding, rearranging and even converting the system into an open, x-y girder crane system at any time.

Contact us and we can customize a solution to fit the needs of your operational requirements.

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