jib arm mounted on wall

Wall mounted jib

In most cases, a wall mounted jib crane is the best solution for operations, as the crane does not require an additional structure, only the arm and tool themselves, in order to handle loads. A wall mounted jib arms provides easy material handling of loads that weigh up to 275 lbs

TAWI wall mounted jib cranes

  • Mounted to a vertical surface of your choice
  • An extension of the wall itself
  • Easily incorporated into your operations

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When to use a wall mounted jib crane

  • Permit a three dimensional lift
  • Be combined with both hoists and vacuum lifts
  • Reach up to 20 ft
  • Swivel with up to 270° of freedom
  • Lift up to 275 lbs

Product Details

  • Lifting capacity: <275 lbs
  • Arm profile: LR86, LR113, LR120
  • Max arm length: 6000 mm
  • Working radius: <270°

Easily adaptable wall mounted jib cranes

In most cases, a wall mounted system is the best solution

A wall mounted jib crane can be mounted to any stable, vertical structure, making it the best solution for your operations. The crane requires no additional structure, just the arm and tool, in order to function properly. The system is so easily adaptable to any facility, that it becomes an extension of the wall itself.

The arm is so flexible and can utilize its maximum reach, that it offers the best possible use for your operations. A TAWI jib crane that is mounted onto a wall can handle loads up to 275 lbs. The radius of rotation is available up to 270° and arm length is available up to 20 ft. A manually operated jib crane is most effective when the outer two-thirds of the arm are used. The total length of the arm should not exceed what is needed to cover the work space.

If your workflow requires lift assist, a TAWI jib crane will improve the productivity of your workflow. Also, if your facility already entails a structure that can suspend a lifting tool, a wall mounted jib arm is exactly what you’ll need to offer that rotation assistance.

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