Column mounted jib cranes

Column mounted jib

TAWI offers a standard column for mounting all jib cranes to a floor mounted crane, as well as the ability to customize the columns in order to meet your specific requirements.

Jib arms mounted on pillars Column mounted jib cranes Jib cranes mounted on columns equipped with wire hoists

TAWI column mounted jib cranes

  • Placed on any horizontal surface of your choice
  • Allows the ability to lift in any condition
  • Pre-determined height to fit your facility

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When to use column mounted jib cranes

TAWI column mounted jib cranes can:

  • May be combined with both hoists and vacuum lifters
  • Reach up to 20 feet
  • Rotate with up to 360 degrees of freedom
  • Lift up to 275 lbs

Product Details

  • Lifting capacity: <275 lbs
  • Arm profile: LR86, LR113, LR120
  • Max arm length: 6000 mm
  • Working radius: <360°

Column mounted jib cranes - best used when there is more floor space than head room

A floor mounted jib arm is the best solution if you need lift assistance, but your facility does not have the infrastructure necessary to suspend a lifting tool,

TAWI offers floor mounted solutions that allow for all jib arms to be used in facilities with an open space or ones with an insufficient structure. A floor mounted jib crane is a jib arm that is combined with a TAWI height specified. A low built jib arm can be combined with short pillars to make use of any limited headroom. All floor mounted systems can be customized and are easy to moved, which means you don’t have to commit to a predetermined solution. The flexibility of such a solution means that where there is floor space, there is crane space.

When the swing arms are mounted on a column, they are most suited for lifting loads weighing up to 275 lbs. The swivel can rotate 180-270 degrees and with arm lengths up to 20 feet. The base component includes a column, arm and bracket which are all easy to assemble. Its flexible movement and the ability to utilize the maximum extension of the arm is what provides the best solution for the work space. A manually operated jib crane is most effective when the outer two-thirds of the arm are used. The total length of the arm should not exceed what is needed to cover the working area.

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