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The TAWI Mobile Order Picker is a fully mobile vacuum lifter that is compatible with any forklift and the ideal solution when order picking. Simply lift and go!

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Innovative order picking where mobility is crucial

The TAWI Mobile Order Picker is a one-of-a-kind solution for mobile material handling and order picking from pallet racks. Just grab the mobile unit with any type of forklift and drive wherever you need to go.

  • Lifting capacity: 175 lbs
  • Compatible with any forklift or pallet jack
  • Height adjustment: 500 mm, electronically driven
  • Battery: 24 VDC 180 Ah
  • Battery charge time: 8 hours
  • User-friendly on board control panel

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Easily move within your work space

A TAWI Mobile Order Picker is the ideal solution when order picking, or any other material handling of goods where mobility is crucial. It will allow you to efficiently pick goods on a pallet and quickly move from rack to rack as well as give you the ability to drive the lifter into a container in order to unload goods.

  • Tools for lifting different types of bags, grabbing boxes for the top or the side, and handling pails and drums
  • Articulating arm for maximum reach
  • Flexible height assists reaching into pallet racks
  • Support legs for extra stability
  • Move the lifter anywhere you need to lift

Product Details

The TAWI Mobile Order Picker is available in 4 different models and all of them offer a vast selection of suction tools.

Lifting capacity90 lbs
Battery charge time8 hours
Height adjustmentelectronically driven
Battery24 VDC 180 Ah
Control paneluser-friendly on-board panel
Mobile Order Picker VM40-50
Mobile Order Picker VM60-80
Lifting capacity110 lbs
Battery charge time8 hours
Height adjustmentelectronically driven
Battery24 VDC 180 Ah
Control paneluser-friendly on-board control panel
Mobile Order Picker VC40
Fork lift attachment with high speed vacuum lifter
VacuCobra high frequency box lifter
Lifting capacity130 lbs
Battery charge time8 hours
Height adjustmentelectronically driven
Battery24 VDC 180 Ah
Control paneluser-friendly on-board control panel
mobile vacuum lifter
portable vacuum lifter
forklift attachment vacuum lifter
Lifting capacity175 lbs
Battery charge time8 hours
Height adjustmentelectronically driven
Battery24 VDC 180 Ah
Control paneluser-friendly on-board control panel

Order picking with full speed and flexibility

Picking orders on the go has never been easier with the TAWI Mobile Order Picker.

Time-efficient order picking

Simplify your workflow when picking orders by attaching the TAWI Mobile Order Picker to any kind of forklift or pallet jack. Drive from pallet rack to pallet rack while picking goods effortlessly and placing them onto the pallet before driving on to the next rack.

The TAWI Mobile Order Picker is supplied with a vacuum lifter mounted on an articulating jib arm. There are several models of the vacuum lifter to choose from, depending on your lifting capacity needs, and the mobile lifter can handle goods weighing up to 175 lbs. The articulating arm allows for extended range of motion with a 4-meter diameter working area. The height is adjusted electronically and enables the unit to easily adjust to different lifting heights and height restrictions. The Mobile Order Picker can easily be adjusted to meet your operation’s requirements, promising an efficient workflow and a safe working environment.

How much does an order picker weigh?

TAWI’s order picker weighs 1,400 lbs. Deduct this weight from your forklift’s capacity and you know how much you can safely load on your pallet. Forklift capacities often range from 3,000 – 7,000 lbs, meaning you can load at least 1,600 lbs on your pallet with the order picker. You will find the rated capacity of a forklift on its data plate. In addition to the weight of the order picker unit you also need to consider the distribution on the pallet. If your load is oddly shaped and heavier on one end, the load center is shifted towards the heavy end. This altered load center must be taken into consideration to ensure safe lifting. If in doubt, contact TAWI for advice on loading capacity for your order picker.

Easy to use

When operating the unit, a safety lock holds the jib arm securely in place. To start the vacuum pump, simply push a button and the support legs will automatically be activated, guaranteeing safe and secure lifting. Turning on the pump immediately releases the safety lock on the jib arm as well. You’re ready to start picking your goods with just one push of a button!

The innovative design of the mobile order picker contains a robust cover, protecting the battery and on-board electronics. The on-board control panel is user friendly and the battery pack is easy to change, offering long operational time and the option to connect to an external power source. An internal air passage allows for effortless operation and the electronically driven height adjustment can accommodate different lifting heights. In addition, the adaptable fork tunnels provided can adjust easily to any fork system.

The TAWI Mobile Order Picker is a lifting aid that you can adjust to your requirements, ensuring an efficient workflow, safe for both operators and goods.

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