Truck attachment vacuum lifter

Container and truck unloader

TAWI’s Mobile Order Picker Compact can attach to any forklift, providing an extended reach into pallet racks, containers and other areas with limited head room, resulting in fast and effortless container and truck loading and unloading.

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Container unloading Container and truck unloading Container and truck loading and unloading TAWI mobile order picker compact

Compact warehouse unloader with unlimited reach

Thanks to its highly compact construction, you can easily move the arm of this mobile unit in and out of pallet racks, extending to all the goods on a pallet from top to bottom. Also suitable for container lifting where the compact design allows the unit to be used to pick goods inside the container.

  • Grip, lift and release boxes, bags and more, with just one hand
  • Compatible with any type of pallet jack or forklift
  • Integrated battery and vacuum pump
  • Support legs guarantee maximum safety for operator and goods
  • Lifting capacity: 75 lbs
  • Operation time: 3 hours constant use

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Save time loading and unloading goods from a container or truck

The TAWI Mobile Order Picker Compact allows for a lengthened reach into pallet racks, containers and other areas that have restricted head room. It is compatible with any type of pallet jack or forklift, allowing the ability to load and unload containers and trucks safety, fast and efficiently.

  • Control all motion with a user-friendly ergonomic handle
  • Adjust the height of the tower directly on the handle
  • Start and stop the vacuum pump with just one click
  • Easy to switch battery pack
  • Robust cover protecting battery and on-board electronics
  • Automatically activated support legs
  • Maximum safety for operator and load

Product Details

The TAWI Mobile Order Picker Compact is available in one standard model. For special requests, contact your TAWI representative.

  • Information
    Lifting capacity75 lbs
    Adjustable height500 mm

Mobile container unloader vacuum lifter with infinite reach

A fork truck attachment that allows you to lift with high speed and optimal ergonomics and safety. Compatible with any type of pallet jack or forklift this mobile container lifting system offers fast and effortless loading and unloading of goods.

Compact warehouse unloader

In situations where you need to handle goods quickly and efficiently, with complete mobility within your facility, a warehouse unloader from TAWI is the solution for you. The Mobile Order Picker Compact has been specifically designed to enable an operator the ability to pick goods from a pallet, all the way from the top to the bottom, without putting any strain on their body. The suction head of the lifter grabs the goods from the top or from the side and the hose gives you the ability to reach all the way to the bottom layer of the pallet. Because of its compact design, this mobile unit and its articulating arm allows for an extended reach into pallet racks, containers and trucks.

Efficient loading and container lifting

The TAWI Mobile Order Picker Compact enables an operator the ability to load and unload containers and trucks, quickly and safely, and in an ergonomic manner. It is compatible with any type of pallet jack or fork truck, making it easily adaptable for all work environments. You can grip, lift, move and release any type of packaged goods including boxes, bags, pails and so much more, weighing up to 75 lbs. The ergonomic handle enables you to move quickly and effortlessly, using just one hand to grasp and lift goods.

Time-efficient lifting and loading

The vacuum pump immediately stops when the unit is lifted to be moved and turns on again as soon as the unit is lowered. This means that you can lift goods into one place, move on to the next pallet rack, and begin lifting again, making for an efficient workflow. The compact design allows excellent reach into pallet racks, or into container or truck when loading or unloading goods.

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