Lightweight jib crane on column

Lightweight jib

A TAWI lightweight jib arm can be mounted to a wall or pillar and an aluminum jib arm provides the least amount of resistance during operations.

man lifting and tilting large sheet of wood using vacuum lifter system Jib arms mounted on pillars Lightweight jib crane with vacuum lifter

TAWI lightweight aluminium cranes

  • Favored when a quick workflow is the priority
  • Most economical per square meter
  • Rotate with great ease
  • Reach up to 20 feet
  • Swivel with 270 degrees of freedom
  • Lift up to 275 lbs

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Freedom to lift and move goods exactly where you need them

With a selection of standard jib cranes, and the ability to modify cranes to customer requests, we can always find an ideal solution for your business needs. Our aluminum lightweight jib arm can be mounted to a ceiling or onto a floor pillar. Portable options area available as well, allowing for greater flexibility.

Product Details

  • Lifting capacity: 275 lbs
  • Arm profile: LR86, LR113, LR120
  • Max arm length: 6000 mm
  • Working radius: <270°

A lightweight crane system that gives the least possible resistance during operations

There is no need for a jib arm to be heavy and clumsy during your operations, therefore in order to maximize your workflow, most of our lightweight crane models are available with aluminium jib arms.

To maintain a quick workflow, an aluminum jib arm is the best solution, as they guarantee the least amount of resistance during operations. In order operate with ease, the aluminium lowers the weight of the system and prevents a build-up of friction in the arm joints.

The main reason for the aluminium construction is not just to provide the least possible resistance during operations, but also because lightweight crane system is lighter for the user to drag along the jib arm when using it. The metal is also the most economical per square meter.

Aluminium comes in its basic, pure appearance and is also the most cost-effective solution, if the materials being handled weigh no more than 275 lbs. Our lightweight jib cranes can be mounted to a wall or pillar provides the least amount of resistance during your operations.

We can work with you to design a solution that will fit your operational needs. Contact us today!

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