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High speed wire hoist

The TAWI ViperHoist is one of the fastest hoists and adaptable to all types of applications, making it your best choice for efficient and safe lifting.

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Wire hoist with viper speed

The TAWI ViperHoist can lift boxes, bags, rolls, components, and so much more. It was designed with the customer in mind and with our customized tooling options, any desired tool can be combined with the ViperHoist, allowing operators the ability to handle a variety of applications. Easy to use, efficient and ergonomic lifting for everyone, every day.

  • Lifting capacity: 265 lbs
  • Lifting speed: 0.75 m/s
  • Changeable speed control for perfect precision
  • Easy to use handle for operating with just one hand
  • Handle any load with complete control
  • Tools can be customized depending on the weight of your goods
  • Tilt or rotate to the desired position

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Lift quickly with precision

This swift wire hoist gives an operator the ability to lift any type of application quickly and efficiently. Our wire hoist can adapt to all types of applications with precision and ease, saving your operations time and money.

  • Grip rolls from the core or from the outside
  • Handle containers of various shapes and sizes or lift groups of containers for maximum efficiency
  • Manage all types of bags or use a customized toll to hold a load while you empty a bag
  • Customize your tools for a specific sized box
  • Grip various types of components

Product Details

The ViperHoist is available in two models, one for lifting with maximum speed and one for lifting heavier goods.

Lifting capacity130 lbs
Lifting speed0.75 m/s
Power supply230 V +/110%
Lifting height2000 mm
Speed controlvariable
Frequency47-63 Hz
wire hoist with crate tool
Lifting capacity265 lbs
Lifting speed0.35 m/s
Power supply230 V +/110%
Lifting height2000 mm
Speed controlvariable
Frequency47-63 Hz
VH120 wire hoist
High speed hoist

Wire hoist for efficient and safe lifting

No matter if you need to lift goods using a hook, gripper or a vacuum tool, TAWI supplies an efficient wire hoist that will meet your operational needs.

The TAWI ViperHoist is not just one of the fastest hoists on the market, but it is also simple to install with little maintenance required. It is reliable equipment that offers great flexibility and easy handling for your operations.

This wire hoist has been designed to offer high flexibility to the customer, allowing any desired tool to be combined with it. A quick coupling tool enables higher flexibility and use of any tool on the same hoist, such as a hook, vacuum tool, clamp, or any other customized tool according to your requirements. You may use the same hoist to lift any type of goods for efficient and safe lifting.

The TAWI ViperHoist is available in two models; one for quick lifting, handling up to 130 lbs at 0.75 m/s, and one for heavier lifting, handling up to 265 lbs at 0.35 m/s. Both models can be equipped with various tools for handling anything from rolls to car components.

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